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Taking Care of Your Car In Lockdown



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If you’re currently working from home or unable to work because of current social distancing restrictions, you might be spending a lot more time at home than you usually would. Some people are using this time to home school their children, tackle big DIY jobs or cleaning tasks around their house, or get stuck in some gardening that they’ve been putting off. Others are trying new hobbies, learning new skills, or trying to launch businesses. Some people are just trying to get by. Whether you are super busy and trying to fit as much into the time as you can, or just trying to survive until it’s time to come out of the other side, you should be paying a little attention to your car.

You might have gone from driving daily, perhaps multiple times, to not driving at all, or very little. While you might think that this means your car is safer than ever, it could probably do with a little TLC.

Keep Your Car Clean

Your car will get dirty even if it’s sat at home. It will attract dust and dirt, and bad weather could mean that it’s muddy and marked. Give it a good clean, both inside and out, to keep it looking its best throughout lockdown.

Repair Any Damage

If your windscreen was chipped before you stopped driving, the damage could be slowly getting worse, until your car is unusable even when you are ready to get out into the world again. A Reputable Auto Glass Shop could fix the damage before it gets any worse. You may be able to make other repairs too, and you certainly shouldn’t drive again if you think that there are any serious issues.

Keep It Covered If Possible

If you’ve got a garage or covered driveway, covering your car will protect it from dirt, dust, and weather damage.

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Check On It If It’s Parked Away From Home

If you don’t have parking at home, and usually park on-street a little way from your home, where you can’t see your car all of the time, try to move it closer if you can. If not, make sure to check on it regularly.

Let Some Fresh Air In

If your car is sat in the sun, the inside could quickly become musty, and if the weather is poor, it could get damp, and mildew could grow. Open the windows occasionally to let in some fresh air.

Block Those Harmful UV Rays

If it is in direct sunlight, the interior could become damaged, and your upholstery could lose color. Block the sun using a windscreen shield for extra protection.

Go For A Much-Needed Drive

If your household has two cars, alternate which one you use for your essential trips, so that they both get a run out every few weeks, this will keep your battery charged and your engine moving. Otherwise, you might come out to a dead battery and need a jump start.

Top Off The Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure may change even if your car hasn’t been used for a while. Check the pressure at home if you can, or find a pressure gauge on your next journey.

Invest In A Breakdown Cover

There are usually warning signs when something is wrong with our cars, giving us the chance to get to a garage before we breakdown. If your car has been sitting in your driveway for awhile, you may have missed some of the warnings. Invest in a breakdown cover to give yourself extra protection.

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