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The Funniest GEICO Commercials



GEICO commercials

Entertaining and funny television commercials are few and far between. But GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) has managed to consistently produce commercials that aren’t just funny, but also memorable. This is truly remarkable, as auto insurance, by all accounts, is a rather dull subject. GEICO doesn’t rely on individual insurance agents to sell their policies, but instead uses brilliant and amusing television ad campaigns to attract new customers.

More than most companies who rely heavily on television advertising, GEICO has managed to create several ad campaigns that people enjoy immensely; commercials that not only evade the mute button on viewer’s remote controls, but entice potential customers to seek out the commercials on social websites like YouTube.

Three of the most popular series of ads run by GEICO feature a talking Gecko, the GEICO cavemen, and vignettes featuring rhetorical questions posed by guitar and mandolin-playing singers amidst improbable scenarios. Here we’re going to highlight some of GEICO’s most memorable commercials:

The Caveman Series

The idea behind the caveman series was to inform consumers that using GEICO’s website was so easy to do, that even a Neanderthal could manage it. One of the most popular “caveman” commercials is the cavemen at the airport, which has been viewed by more than one million people.

When GEICO wanted to let potential customers know that they also insured motorcycles, they started showing the hilarious ad featuring the cavemen and the motorcycles.

Another funny one from the series features one of the caveman talking to his therapist (in which he complains about being portrayed as stupid), and the wildly popular caveman ordering roast duck with mango salsa.

The Gecko Series

Probably because consumers tended to confuse the word “GEICO” with the word “GECKO,” this ad series pokes fun at the word similarity. The ads feature a small Gecko speaking with a Cockney accent, extolling the virtues of saving money with GEICO auto insurance. One of the most popular of the ads features the Gecko in the southwest with the Roadrunner and the Coyote cartoon characters.

Another popular one is the Gecko explaining why a talking Gecko can be trusted. Once it was clear the Gecko commercials were a big hit with audiences, the commercials got even funnier, with one commercial suggesting that no one really knows if the Gecko is British or Australian, and another ad featuring the Gecko continually mangling the text and doing a series of outtakes. That one is known as the laughing fit.

Maxwell the Talking Pig

Another popular and funny series of ads features a talking pig named Maxwell who extols the virtues of GEICO’s mobile app. One of the funniest of these is Maxwell the talking pig getting pulled over by a state trooper. Other talking pig ads that are popular include Maxwell using his mobile app to call a tow truck while he is on a date and Maxwell on an airplane flight explaining the GEICO mobile app to the
flight attendants.

The Rhetorical Question Series

This ad campaign features two men singing and playing the guitar and the mandolin while asking rhetorical questions about how happy GEICO customers are in comparison to ridiculous scenarios such as a witch in a broom factory, and then the Pillsbury Doughboy on his way to a baking convention.

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