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The Playboy Mansion Deal Fell Through And Is Back Up For Sale!



Hugh Hefner - Playboy Mansion

If you remember, the iconic Playboy Mansion was put up for sale back in January for $200 million, but with a big catch – that Hef could continue living there until his death. And in June, 32-year-old Daren Metropoulos, co-owner of Hostess Brands, agreed to purchase the mansion for around $110 million.

Now TMZ is reporting that the sale has fallen through, as Metropoulos “wanted a significant amount of access during Hef’s remaining years” to start restoring and adding onto the mansion, and Playboy felt he was being unreasonable.

The two parties tried for weeks to come to an agreement that worked for everyone, but the deal officially fell apart Thursday night. The mansion is scheduled to go back on the market Monday.

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