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Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Scent



Man putting on cologne before a date

The scent you choose to wear not only improves how you smell, but it also talks much about your experiences and personal preferences. Some fragrances will make you remember your parents, family, friends and other people you love thus creating an emotional attachment.

Many people find it difficult to select the right scent since there are a number of fragrances to choose from. If you want to buy a grooming product, don’t just select any scent that you find on the shelves. The following things will help you narrow down to a scent that suits you.


Each grooming product has its own concentration of fragrances. Those products with higher concentrations tend to be more expensive as compared to one with low concentration levels. The concentration level determines how long a scent lasts. The highest concentration level is called perfume or parfum. It’s pricey but when you use it, you will smell it throughout the day.

Another concentration is called “eau de parfum.” If you use a product with this level, the scent will fade away after six hours. The next level is known as “eau de toilette” which lasts for a few hours. The final level is “eau de cologne” which is commonly found in most shops. This level is the cheapest, but you need to apply the product several times per day. This means that you should carry your perfume/cologne with you so that you can reapply it the moment the smell starts to fade away.

The Overall Scent

Perfumes & colognes are made up of several “notes” which give the product an overall scent. You should consider the notes used to make a perfume/cologne before you decide to purchase the product. This is because the notes are made up of three layers – the top, middle and base notes. These notes combine to give your product a specific scent. Floral scents have noted such as geranium, rose, and gardenia while fruitier scents contain apple or citrus notes. Most exotic perfumes have cinnamon and star anise notes which tend to be spicy.

If you are a man, you’ll want products with masculine tones. Common notes in men’s scents include leather-based notes and pine. Pheromone colognes have a high concentration of masculine tones which can make you irresistible to most women. However, using pheromone cologne alone is not enough to lure women. There are other scents-that-sexually-arouse-women including sweat, body scents, the smell of love and other natural pheromones. You can improve these natural scents by bathing daily, dressing well, brushing your teeth, and take care of your beard and hair. These men’s grooming tips to eliminate bad odors which women dislike.


Two individuals might not wear the same fragrance due to the differences in the chemical makeup of their bodies and personal preferences. When buying a grooming product, sniff the bottle to ensure that it has a smell that you like. The sniff test is common in cosmetics stores that allow their customers to try a product before buying, especially those that don’t allow customers to return products after buying. It is recommended that you apply a small amount of the fragrance on your wrist, and then wait for a minute or two and smell it. If the scent diminishes, then the scent doesn’t match with your hormones and pheromones. Get another product and carry out a similar test until you find what perfectly matches your body.

A statement fragrance is the one which reflects your personality and matches with the scent of your body. There are a wide variety of scents on the market, but you don’t need a wardrobe full of various fragrances to satisfy your needs. Picking a scent is a difficult task and if you don’t want to get it wrong, you need to consider things such as fragrance, the overall scent, and concentration. Here’s to smelling your best the next time you go out.

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