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Top Flooring Trends For 2021



Whether you are finally ready to remodel or are building a new home, choosing the right floors is crucial when you want to get a certain look. You also want to make sure your floors will last a long time and not go out of style in a couple of years. Read on to find out what’s new and what flooring styles are trending in 2021.

Floor Types

While carpet remains popular, particularly for bedrooms, the trend for the rest of the house is definitely a hard surface. This can range from hardwood or engineered wood to laminate, tile, or vinyl.

Floor Looks

Gone are the years of safe, one-color designs for the home. In 2021 you can expect that stone and wood looks will remain favorites. They include real stone and stone-look surfaces, wood and wood-looks, marble and marble-looks as well as decorative tiles that go from simple squares in a single muted color to hand-painted tiles that can give an extra pop to a fireplace, a backsplash, or an entire wall.

Floor Colors

This year look for cool, light tones in shades of gray with high variations. When choosing wood, go for gray or blonde shades paired with white tiles. Or go for wood with a distressed look and match it with black and white tiles.

Floor Patterns

When it comes to installing your new floors, go with a herringbone or chevron pattern. Trends this year call for unique patterns, larger size tiles or wide wood planks.

Floor Textures

This year’s trend is authenticity. This means going for hard surfaces that offer you aged looks which can be achieved through hand scraped, wire brushed, or distressed hardwoods. In the bedroom and den, go for carpet with textures, twists, and patterns such as Berber or cut-and-loop carpeting.

Some Surprising Options

Vinyl Flooring

Don’t let your dream of having hardwood floors go by the wayside because of the price. These days, technology has allowed for the production of vinyl flooring that so realistically resembles wood or stone that you would have a hard time telling the difference. Besides the ease of maintenance that has always accompanied vinyl floors, you can install them in decorative patterns. They are durable and completely waterproof.

Tile Flooring

Tiles have definitely left the bathroom behind. Gone are the days when you could only find tiles in simple squares in a bathroom. Tiles these days are made to resemble wood but also marble and other stones and they have become a great decorating choice for the entire home. Particularly when humidity is a constant where you live, when you have children that may roller-skate down your hallways, or when your pet has scratched enough of your floors that you never want to see another scratch again. Large-format tiles offer a beauty all their own, but wood-look tiles also allow for many different patterns at installation. Putting down tiles means you can forget about replacing your floor for a long time since it will always look new.

The main focus in flooring for 2021 is ease of maintenance. Everyone wants a floor that is effortless, not requiring hours of maintenance stolen from people’s busy schedules. Read more here about all the new floor trends for 2021 and discover what will work best for your home.

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