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What Coding Language Is Best For Kids To Learn?



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With technology increasingly becoming more and more important in modern life, mastering computer programming fundamentals is not only a forward-thinking idea but a necessity for kids and grown-ups alike. This is why programming is increasingly becoming a popular topic in kids’ education. With the right coding courses, your kid can master essential skills that will influence overall development and boost other academic areas as well, such as math, reading, and spelling.

Kids with some programming knowledge have shown to be better problem solvers, with better analytical skills, among other benefits. That said, below are top programming languages for kids to make coding fun and a successful learning adventure.

1. Scratch

Kids enjoy learning activities that bring forth some excitement and fun. Scratch is the best coding language that will keep your kids excited as they learn. This visual programming language provides an excellent foundation of introductory programming concepts. Kids can easily drag-and-drop coding blocks to create games, build apps and animations.

Scratch is a good programming language for kids without prior experience, great visual learners, or who need to see how programming is fun. It teaches kids basic concepts, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Your child can create an animated story or fun game from this language. You can enroll your kid for online private lessons for scratch tutoring or Scratch game design with visual coding from various virtual tech camps.

2. JavaScript

Unlike Scratch, JavaScript is a procedural and object-oriented coding language used for client-facing applications. This makes it a great choice for kids with interests in web design or other front-end applications. JavaScript is a widely used language used in all browsers. Advanced programmers prefer using this language in developing complex yet interactive web-based applications.

Note that Java and JavaScript, though sounding similar, are two different coding languages. As mentioned, JavaScript is good for kids with an interest in web design and development. It also suits those looking to learn the basics of programming. With knowledge of this language, your kid can create web-based two-dimensional games.

3. Lua

Kids who love games and are interested in game development should consider Lua coding language. It is a lightweight programming language that can be integrated into various applications, thanks to its multi-paradigm nature that comes with multiple features applicable to various issues. Like other kid-friendly coding languages, it has a short learning curve and easy to use.

Besides being the most popular coding language used in game engines, the application of Lua in other sectors is on the rise. This means that kids will learn a language that is beneficial in various future careers. That said, the language is a good choice for kids who want to learn programing quickly, especially game programming.

4. Java

Java is among the widely used programming language, with coding experts estimating that 90 percent of established companies use it. Therefore, it is a great choice for kids who need to learn a language for continuous advanced learning in the future. It is a statically-typed programming language with variables. This implies that Java-based applications are scalable, maintainable, and stable over time. However, it takes longer to master.

That said, kids who learn Java can design games, smartphone apps, and more. However, it isn’t a beginner-friendly coding language. It is best for intermediate learners looking to strengthen their coding skills, teens preparing for the computer science AP exam, and patient students ready to learn programming language over a long period.

5. Python

Python is a good coding language for beginners who need unmatched versatility. It has the simplest syntax, making it one of the easiest coding languages to learn, as it requires a few lines of code to make it operational. Big companies, such as Google and Disney, use this language for several reasons.

It is also applicable in scientific fields, especially in institutions where scientists require some programming language. Python is also applied in developing web frameworks, video games, computing projects, and other applications. The versatile nature also makes it suitable for artificial intelligence and cybersecurity fields. Based on this, the language is good for kids who want to create easy-to-read codes and interested in scientific fields.

6. C++

Kids who need an in-depth understanding of computer science can go for C++. The language is used in developing apps that run on local machines, such as computers. While it is time-consuming and complicated to learn the language, it provides kids with a deep understanding of programming. It can be used in creating software, games, and other machine-based programs.

Bottom Line

While it might seem intimidating to learn coding at first, kids shouldn’t be discouraged from trying it out. With the vast array of learning options and several languages that suit different skills and experience levels, kids can master programming at a young age. While this guide highlights the best kid-friendly languages, you should choose the learning resource for your kids. Among many options, The Coder School provides tailored courses that suit kids with different needs and skills.

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