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Why You Should Consider Moving Your Home Theater Outdoors



You’ve invested a whole lot of time in choosing, designing and creating your home theater area. The best TV screen and sound system, comfortable seating and a welcoming environment that you can invite friends and family over when there’s a big game happening or you want to watch the latest blockbuster release.

That’s great, but in the warm weather do you really want to be huddled up inside when the sun is shining and the pool is calling? You really want to catch the last quarter of the game of the season, but there’s a BBQ lit, and you’re torn between being inside or out.

No problem – Move your home theater outside and enjoy the best of both worlds. If you are scratching your head thinking about sudden downpours, security, sun glare or the lack of space to comfortably spread out, read on and be inspired.

Outdoor-proof Your Home Theater

You might be thinking that it’s all very well wanting to combine watching a great movie with a pool party, but if there’s a sudden downpour, the equipment will be damaged beyond repair. The same goes for a stray soccer ball, vandals or would-be thieves – which could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This doesn’t have to be though, as there’s an excellent outdoor TV cabinet solution that solves all your concerns.

The TV Shield is a lightweight (yet bulletproof!) invention which will revolutionize your home theater watching habits. Designed for those wanting to have a television outside, the TV enclosure is made from a combination of heavy-duty and shatterproof plastic with a steel surround. It’s completely weatherproof and can withstand rain and even frost. The cabinet is tamper-proof. If you are still concerned, there is an additional lock kit you can add in.

Designed for the biggest of screens, The TV Shield fits smoothly over any LED or plasma TV from 40-80″ and is glare-free for those days when the sun is beating down, but the family wants to binge on the latest box set in one run.

Furnishings Fit For A King

Sitting outside to enjoy your home cinema doesn’t mean dragging out camping chairs and sitting the children on hard floor surfaces. There’s every style of the comfortable furnishing are now available, and you can have as plush a sofa in the garden as in the cinema room.

For the children (or adults wanting to really kick back), bean bags are a colorful way to add casual seating – who doesn’t love lounging in one. You want to lay down? Again, no problem – hammocks can be for just you or even a whole family; day beds make it just as easy to sunbathe at the same time you watch TV.

Devine Dining

Forget bags of chips or perhaps a cold beer watching a movie indoors. Outside you can fire up the grill, pull drinks from an ice bucket and even cook pizza on a stone. Sizzle a steak on the coals, serve it on crockery from your new outdoor kitchen cabinet and create a stunning salad on the side arm preparation surface.

A small yard isn’t an issue either, as even with space at a premium you can cook like a professional with an aesthetically-pleasing brushed steel table top BBQ.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let another glorious day pass by, move your home theater outside now, and by the weekend you’ll be kicking back and passing the time with great people, great food and most of all, a great space to view from.

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