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Worried About Your Sports Car While Traveling? These Tips Are For You!



If you don’t drive your car on a regular basis, it can become easy to forget about its mechanics. However, not driving your car for an extended period of time can be a bad thing if you are not careful. Many people say that they were able to leave their car unused for weeks or months and found no problem with it at all. But car manufacturers would disagree with such an idea. It is highly recommended to drive your cars a couple of times each month. But if you’ll be away for a long because you’re traveling somewhere, you have to make sure that your car stays in tip-top shape while you’re away. The following tips will help make this possible.

Look For A Safe Parking Space

If you’re looking to travel for several days or weeks and you think leaving your car at home is not a feasible idea, you’ll need a long term storage solution. So, you have to plan ahead where to park your car while you’re away. You can leave your car with a friend or family member who lives near the airport. Or, you can also find good deals at airport shuttle places. Parking at the airport doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just have to look for affordable and safe parking space for your sports car. Make sure that you’re completely aware of the terms and rates when leaving your car for a specified period of time.

Clean Your Car’s Interior Before Leaving It

Although this advice can be quite obvious but it is true that some people do leave their trash inside their car. If you’ll be away for days be sure to take out those fast food wrappers, empty water bottles, old newspapers, and any other trash. Otherwise, these things will already be rotten by the time you get back from your vacation, ,resulting in a bad-smelling car interior that is prone to attracting rodents.

Don’t Leave The Gas Tank Empty

Filling up your gas tank is so important, especially if you plan on leaving your car for a month or longer. Never leave it empty otherwise, you’ll find the tank seal drying out while the inside is rusting. You can prevent this from happening by filling the tank with high-quality gas. You should also consider adding some fuel additives that will help prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the tank. It’s also good to use a fuel stabilizer that can prevent ethanol buildup while protecting the engine from varnish, rust, and gum. This fuel stabilizer inhibits gas deterioration even if you’ll leave the car for up to a year. Lastly, make sure the tank is sealed well before leaving it.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Before leaving the car in your chosen parking space, make sure the tires are well inflated to its optimum tire pressure. If your car is left unused for too long, chances are it will develop flat spots. This occurs as the weight of the car continuously presses down on the tire footprints. This process is more likely to occur at a faster rate if you’ll be leaving your car stationary for too long in places with colder temperatures.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will surely come back from your travel with a sports car still capable of running in full throttle. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself incurring significant repair and maintenance costs.

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