Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earphones Giveaway

Phiaton Moderna MS 200

The Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earphones are the first earphones of the MS series and truly exemplify “Moderna.” Powerful combinations of sporty carbon fiber, opulent red accents, and the acclaimed “half in-ear” body structure are blended with remarkable acoustic performance producing Phiaton’s most elegant yet aggressive earphones yet.

  • Dual Chamber for Rich Sound and Powerful Bass
  • Red-Hot Carbon Graphite Fiber Design
  • The New “Multi-Tune Acoustic Design”
  • Tangle Free Oval Shaped cable with Microphone
  • Hours of Comfortable Listening, 6 Sets of Eartips

Phiaton Moderna MS 200 earphones

The headphones retail for $149, but you’ve got a chance to score a pair for FREE! One lucky winner will walk away with the Phiaton Moderna MS 200.

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below telling us why you want to win the Phiaton headphones. We’ll pick a winner at random next Friday.


Good luck!



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  • The wires on my current earbuds are fraying, so I need a new pair of headphones. The Moderna MS200 looks awesome!

  • Jason

    I sooooo need something better than my generic standard ipod buds. I’m so far behind times. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Theresa J

    My son asks me everyday for a pair of earbuds. These would make a great birthday present for him

  • I wear headphones for about 7 hours every day, 5 days a week. I work outside for a living by myself. I would make an excellent reviewer for a new set of headphones, being that my Bose just broke on me.

  • Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames)

    Don’t want to be that guy still wearing the boring white earbuds.

  • Waylon

    these are some of the coolest looking ear buds i have seen in a very long time!!! i would LOVE own something this cool! the ones i have hurt my ears plus there is a short somewhere in the cord and its never sounded right since =(

  • Susan Lawrence

    I’d love to own a pair of these awesome ear buds!

  • Benjamin

    I really need these headphones. My MS 400 headphones got stolen. I love Phiaton earphones and I definitely want to try some in-ear earphones. Loved the sound of my MS 400s.
    Thank you for your consideration

  • I would love these because they look great and I don’t have any headphones anymore. :(

  • I have a pair of full size Phiatons (blow away any rap star endorsed cans). I love them!

  • Michael

    They look better than the new apple ear buds

  • marsha ford

    i LOVE these!! they are tough looking!!

  • Julie

    I have a cheap pair of $8 headphones, and they are horrible! I want something that can drown out the noise when I’m traveling – when the hotel room next door is too noisy and on airplanes. I want to be able to listen to my music!

  • Curtis

    My ears need some love.

  • Francesco Barbara

    I need a new pair of killer headphones for my commute to work. This will make my day so much more aurally amazing!

  • Nathan Tan

    Those look amazing! It would be awesome to win a pair of those!

  • Cristopher

    I will use this everyday if i win, im a music lover man, i deserve to win this… :)

  • Shawn

    I think they will be pretty comfortable :)

  • Stumpy

    Been wanting a pair of these for a while.

    Big Phiaton fan!


  • They’ll go well with my HTC DNA phone. Besides, everybody & their
    moms has Beats…

  • ed brophy

    can never have enough of these on hand.

  • Andrew

    I’d love to win these! Going on a vacation in a couple months to celebrate my graduation, and these would be perfect!

  • Jason

    I’d love to win these.

  • Alexander Genvarev

    Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earphones looks fantastic!

  • Kevin

    I’d love to win these. I’d use them to listen to the many podcasts and music services that I subscribe to. My commutes would be more enjoyable. Thanks!

  • Dmitry Lameko

    “Red-Hot Carbon Graphite Fiber Design” – that’s so cool!

  • crysta

    cause they are so red and cool!!

  • Steve Stone

    my headphones are old and not very original. love to win and thanks.

  • saminder gumer

    i would love to win these because my current headphones are about 3 years old and have tape holding them together. along with that they sound like crap and i get a lot of white noise and static on them. this would be the best st. patrick’s day gift ever!!

  • Sett Hein

    I want to win because i broke mine, and i can’t afford new one

  • in all my life, ive not seen a music bud or piece as cool as this. With all its awesome features i wish i could be given on. I would be so glad

  • Clifton Rawlings

    Well, not too long ago I bought a $50 Sony Headphones hoping they would be perfect, and they were! Little that I knew, the fun didn’t last too long. They weren’t durable and one speaker had stopped working and still til this day i am still using one ear headphones to listen to music and browse YouTube videos with them. I would put more money into more well playing earphones but I don’t want to risk overpaying and disrupting my spending habits with school

  • I’ve never owned a really good set of headphones and would love to hear what some really nice ones sound like!

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