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Three Outdoor Activities To Take Up Once Coronavirus Goes Away



You’ve all probably been hit by the coronavirus in one way or another. Hopefully, you have not literally been hit with it and are still in excellent health. But, most of you are stuck at home and limited to the amount of time you’re allowed to spend outside. It’s a tough situation, but one we have to be in to fight this disease.

Instead of wallowing around in self-pity, why don’t you plan for when all of this is over? It’ll be interesting to see the world post-coronavirus, and you should definitely start appreciating nature and the great outdoors more than ever. After a few weeks or months in your house, you can kickstart your freedom by taking up some of these outdoor activities:

Fly Fishing

Not an activity you may have thought about before, but it’s incredibly fun. Fly fishing is great as it lets you get outside and experience fresh air and running rivers or open lakes. You can spend hours a day just chilling on a little boat or riverbank catching fish. Seeing as you have lots of time on your hands, you can spend it looking up the best fly fishing flies, the top rods to buy, and some general tips on how to get started. Then, you can run out of your house and start fly fishing the moment lockdown is over.


You have countless sports to take up once all of this madness is over. However, tennis is in here because it’s one of the best sports for fitness. It’s up there with basketball as a sport where you’re constantly on the move with minimal rest periods. Tennis gives you a full-body workout that burns loads of calories – precisely what you’ll need after a month or two on the sofa watching Netflix all day. Also, tennis is relatively easy for you to get into. You just need a racket and a friend – even a court is optional as you can play in a field or in your garden.


After being kept away from work for so long you may decide to start cycling in every day. It’s a great way to make the most of the outdoors and keep fit at the same time. You probably never dreamed of cycling before the coronavirus outbreak, but these things change your views! Now, you’d probably kill to be able to head out on a bike and cycle for hours on end. That’s the great thing about cycling; it’s practical and can help you cut down on your driving, but there are so many ways to enjoy it. Cycle to work, cycle for fun, cycle competitively – the choice is yours!

Not even the most socially awkward of people like being cooped up at home like this. But, we’ve all got a part to play, and it’s not really asking too much. There are some benefits to this as well – like lots and lots of free time with your girlfriend or wife! When the storm clears, you’ll be able to experience life to the fullest once more. So, take up these activities to make the most of all the outdoor time you lost. Also, you’ll most likely have a child coming in nine months after all this time at home, so take advantage of the free time while you can!

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