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9 Upgrades To Spruce Up Your Car



2022 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe

You can shop for upgrades if you want a car with higher specs but can’t afford one. Indeed, a car upgrade can be a great way to get the speed, acceleration, and economy you want for much less money. Statistics indicate that 78% of drivers plan to keep their cars for 10 or more years. If you also plan on doing the same, you would love to upgrade your car to keep its performance to the highest level possible. Here are some items you can add to your automobile to achieve the desired outcome.

1. Brake system upgrades

Being able to stop well is one of the most crucial performance criteria. You may put off engaging your brakes longer if your brakes are of higher quality. However, investing in your brakes, whether buying stronger brake pads or replacing the complete system, will always be worthwhile.

2. Exhaust system modification

Indeed, exhaust pipes can clog up over time, slowly reducing performance. Therefore, modifying it is in order. However, upgrades to exhaust systems are frequently viewed as merely noisy undertakings. However, with the right brand, you can achieve a smoother exhaust tone when accelerating in addition to power gains. For instance, you can install a brand-new stainless steel Ford Bronco exhaust if you use this vehicle, so feel free to consider this. 

3. Spark plugs replacement

Admittedly, standard spark plugs frequently have difficulties firing, which can reduce a car’s speed and dependability. Fortunately, replacing them will improve the performance of your car. Misfires are far less common with more recent high-performance spark plugs. Moreover, they can improve fuel economy while lowering the vehicle’s emissions.

4. A turbocharger

A car’s turbocharger enables it to burn more gasoline per second. Because of this, your car may create greater power. In terms of efficiency, turbos outperform superchargers and can improve horsepower significantly. Additionally, turbochargers are expected to increase fuel efficiency by 20–40%, so feel free to consider this.

5. Cool air intake

Your car will operate more efficiently if it has greater airflow. Installing a cold-air intake may give your engine greater airflow while feeding it colder, more condensed air. You may boost horsepower and fuel economy at the same time by changing your original intake pipe.

6. New silicone hoses

A further improvement would be to replace the stock rubber hoses in your automobile with superior silicone replacements. Silicone is better at withstanding heat than rubber. Moreover, you can install a good turbocharger on your engine without worrying about additional heat being transferred into hoses that aren’t designed to manage.

Rubber hoses are prone to breaking, becoming stiff, or developing dry rot with time, which is another reason to update your hoses. Silicone is an extremely durable substance that functions virtually like new. Therefore, an upgrade will undoubtedly improve your performance.

7. Better tires 

The most noticeable improvement is getting better tires for your vehicle. Power and performance are fantastic, but they are useless without the traction provided by high-quality tires. Equally, you must make sure you choose the appropriate tires for the road conditions if you want your car to operate in all-weather circumstances. All-weather tires compromise the performance and may not satisfy all user demands or expectations, so keep this in mind. Therefore, opting for a set of summer and winter tires is the greatest option for having an adequate grip and ensuring you can put the power to the ground.

8. Bushings

In your automobile, bushings are the equivalent of joint cartilage for suspension parts. They are scattered throughout your automobile’s suspension system (for example, where your sway bar is attached). They provide a certain amount of motion without the jarring metal-on-metal contact- a smoother, quieter, and safer ride results from this.

But ultimately, they do deteriorate. When they do, think about changing them out for better suspension bushings like polyurethane ones. Between $250 and $350 should be budgeted for the work. However, you’ll notice a significant difference in the steering wheel and more responsive handling, so feel free to consider this.

9. A system for monitoring tire pressure

In addition to reducing tire wear and increasing fuel efficiency, correctly inflated tires also improve handling and braking distance. Your car’s performance may decrease or become unsafe if even a few PSI underinflates your tires. Installing a tire pressure monitoring system on your automobile is simple. It costs about $100 and merely calls for you to switch out the caps on your tire valve stems for ones that include specific sensors.

Investing in car upgrades can help you enjoy your car for a longer period. You can consider these options for the best results. 

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