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There’s nothing quite like getting all of the guys together, and doing anything and everything. But as we get older, and we truly settle down in life, getting the guys together becomes a lot harder. People have their own families, they’re busy with work, and when they’re not, they’re trying to catch up on much needed sleep that dads just don’t seem to get these days. So when it comes to making a plan, a final decision on a date and time can be hard.

Often the easiest thing to do is plan to meet up for a few beers, grab some food, and get home before the kids are even in bed. If this is a lifestyle that you and your friends are suffering with, it’s time to plan a guys adventure weekend. A two night weekend filled with things to do, that only really guys would like to do. It’s a chance for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of life that you’re used to, reconnect with your friends, and have some fun whilst doing so. Keep on reading, and we’ll show you how you can plan the most perfect one.

Making It Adventure Packed

This is your one chance to do something without your family being there. When family is there, you sort of have to bend to the rules of what the kids want to do. But with this weekend, you can do literally anything. If you’re going to go to a campsite, which we would highly recommend that you do so, there’s often so many activities that you can do. From kayaking to archery, we’d recommend that you do it all. The more you do on this weekend trip, the more you’re going to feel like you’re letting your hair down. If you want to do something really fun, we’d recommend going somewhere with paintballing or go karting close. It’s something that men just love to do so much, but hardly ever get to do.

Taking All The Right Things

Us men are simple, and that’s what makes it so much easier for us to plan a trip away, than it would a female. But if you’re camping, it’s not just a change of boxers and socks, and a fresh outfit that needs to go in your bag. You need to think about everything that’s going to make your life more comfortable. A blow up airbed, camping chairs etc. Taking lots of snacks and beers is also essential. You should also think about the activities you’re going to do, and what they might need you to take. If you’re going to go hunting for example, like many men do on camping trips, you’ll need binoculars and camouflage equipment. Visit Survival Genesis for more on what you can buy to aid your weekend with hunting. If you are going to go kayaking, you’ll need swimming gear, a new fresh change of clothes, and a couple of towels. You don’t want to dry yourself off with dirty lake water if you fall in, and then use the same towel to wash yourself again later!

The Perfect Location & Set Up

There will be so many places that you can set up camp and make a weekend of it, but it all depends on what you want to do while you’re there. If you are looking for the action packed weekend that we’ve spoken about, then you’re probably going to benefit from going somewhere inland, surrounded by forest or deserted land, and somewhere with plenty of things to do. But, if your idea of an adventure weekend is something more beachy, there will be locations for that too. Your idea of adventure could be a spot of surfing in the morning, and then beers on the beach all afternoon! We’d definitely recommend splashing out on a better set up as well, rather than just your standard tent. It’ll last you for such a long while, and you’ll no doubt get many uses out of it.

Taking Time To Relax

Finally, although you will no doubt be doing something all of the time while you’re there, we think it’s important that you take the time to truly relax. It’s not often you get to get together with all of your friends, so take this time to relax with them. Share stories, sit back with a beer, and catch up like good old times. Plus, this is a weekend away for you as well, and all of the chaos that your life brings. So you don’t want to go back home feeling exhausted.

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