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Augmented Reality Finds Some Ground In The World Of Adult Entertainment



Woman wearing VR headset

Let’s be honest guys, we all love porn. Me, you, and the other billions of guys around the globe. Heck, I busted a nut 3 times on Pornhub this morning and I haven’t even had my breakfast yet, but that’s a whole other story. Today, I want to talk to you about augmented reality porn, an emerging form of adult entertainment that’s been gaining traction in recent months.

AR porn is similar to VR porn in the fact that you get to indulge in some up close and personal one on one sex with a beautiful life-sized adult star. The main difference is that the stage of the show is not a pre-recorded environment, the stage is your living room, bedroom, bathroom, the bus ride home from work, or wherever else you decide. Does this make it feel more real? I guess that’s down to personal choice. But either way, both technologies offer an immersive digital sex experience that’s incomparable to standard flat 2D pornography.

A big part of AR porn’s recent surge in popularity is due to several big-named studios getting in on the action and transitioning from digitally created 3D avatars to passthrough videos. The problem with using avatars is, that although they offer a true 6dof (6 degrees of freedom) AR experience, they lack immersion and realism. The average dude couldn’t care less about walking around a CGI model with a clunky headset on and seeing her from different perspectives. All we want is to visualize an incredibly hot ‘real’ female taking care of our wants and needs while we sit back and enjoy the show.

This is where passthrough came to the rescue. Passthrough porn is filmed using real women that you can enjoy from a POV (point of view) format. If you’ve ever watched VR porn, it’s the same concept. The main difference is its shot in a green screen room rather than some kind of lavish location.

The other reason that AR porn is on the rise is due to the latest hardware allowing for AR / mixed reality experiences. Meta (Zuck and the other dudes behind Facebook) released its Quest 3 headset back in late 2023. This device comes with built-in forward-facing cameras and full-color passthrough. The introduction of full-color passthrough along with a higher resolution was the pivotal point where augmented reality, or passthrough porn started to pick up some pace.

Man wearing VR headset

Meta is estimated to have sold over 500,000 Quest 3 units since launch. Looking at statistics on the VR market, 60% of VR headset owners report watching virtual reality porn at least once a week. If this figure translates into the AR market, then this could potentially account for over 300,000 active users watching AR porn, and that figure only accounts for Quest 3 users.

These mixed-reality devices have opened the door for adult studios to begin creating quality content. Prior to this, they relied on smartphones and older generation headsets like the Quest 2 which only allows for monoscopic viewing (black and white) when using passthrough mode. No self-respecting man is going to get his fix from a grainy black-and-white video. Maybe our grandfathers would have appreciated it back in the day but this is the 21st century. And mobile content was about as immersive as a week-long marathon of the Kardashians.

Adult film producers understand this which is why most didn’t even bother shooting AR content until Quest 3 and other similar headsets were released. But now this hardware is available, AR porn is starting to show significant growth with several well-known studios releasing new videos every week. is a good example of how the industry has evolved from an interesting concept to a growing and highly anticipated niche in adult entertainment.

The augmented reality porn that we’re seeing today is immersive, undeniable, and full of potential. The realism of having the world’s most beautiful adult stars doing what they do best is genuinely quite remarkable. This coupled with teledildonic sex toys (male masturbators) that are synced with custom scripts that synchronize with the model’s movements provides a truly next-level experience.

Like any new technology, the growth of AR porn does have its limitations. Issues with direct browser streaming, expensive hardware, and lack of content are all hurdles preventing it from reaching new heights. But once the industry overcomes these issues, I believe it will explode and become just as big, if not bigger than VR porn. For now, it’s a small but rapidly growing market with a very exciting future ahead.

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