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Becoming The Kind Of Guy Who Could Run A Business



We often think of ourselves as go-getters, guys who care about bettering ourselves and living our best lives. We often think about the potential benefits this could afford, and the lifestyle we might adopt. But of course, it takes time to refine ourselves into someone who could get to this stage. We often see what happens to children who are born into piles of money and have no real guidance – they become aimless, unhappy, and often don’t know what to do with their time. Of course, this isn’t a rule, but it’s become something of a stereotype.

Does this mean that we have to work ourselves to the bone in order to become someone who can appreciate what we have to put into life? Not at all. But in order to be the kind of guy who could do something great, we do need to adjust ourselves and our priorities a little. Becoming the kind of guy who could helm a business, for example, is always worth thinking about.

Lucky for you, we have some curated advice for doing just that below:

Humility & Real Work

Of course, we’re not for an instant suggesting that you’re the type of person to expect things to come to you, or to magically feel entitled to success no matter what. But sometimes, people can let their own firm go to their head. They might enjoy the role of being a boss but not back up leading at the front. When the military hires an officer, they’re expected to show their team they are taking the charge, and are willing to risk themselves as much as their men. That’s the idea anyway, and it should be the idea in your business. Before you start to buy designer suits, an expensive watch and fancy cufflinks, first get your hands as dirty as they can be.

Education At All Costs

It’s extremely tempting to dive into your personal development and have business success to overtake you if you’re not careful. Instead, it’s best to be prepared. Refine your professional skillset no matter what, because you never know how just much it can prevent you from making mistakes through and through. No matter if you decide to take the manager role at your current job before pulling the trigger on starting a business, or better yet decide to study the online MBA programs available, you’ll be using knowledge as means of foundational knowledge and development in that industry.


Reading is essential if you want to be your own boss. CEO’s are voracious readers, and this is because digesting fleshed out ideas, principles and histories can help you develop subtext, understanding, and develops you as a character. Reading is one of the things you can do to take your mind off the intense pressure and stress of each day, and if reading the correct material such as biographies of your favorite leaders or excellent business guides, you can push forward with inspiration.

With these tips, you’ll change from a guy who could run a business, to a man who is running one.

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