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Effortless Confidence: How To Look Good Dating



Your personal style speaks volumes about who you are. It’s your calling card, a signal of what lies underneath and how you choose to express yourself to the world. Never are these signals more at play then when it comes to the reality of attraction. How confident we feel and what we project are all hard to verbalize, but clothes provide a way of telling a prospective date a little about yourself before you even open your mouth.

Much like maintaining open body language, dressing the part is more important than it may seem. First dates are all about discovery – establishing whether you have a connection, and if your personalities and ambitions are compatible together. In order to get to that stage though, there has to be an initial attraction, and like it or not, this usually comes down to appearance. What you wear is a huge part of this – both for its own sake and for the confidence boost that you get when you know you look good – as confidence is always hugely attractive.

Don’t be the guy who waits until 15 minutes before you need to set off for a date to realize that you haven’t thought about what to wear at all. Taking time with your appearance is a basic form of respect for the person you’re meeting, and few individuals are likely to want to spend their time with someone who looks like they haven’t bothered at all. However, neither do you want to look overly spruced up and too formal, as that can come across as off-puttingly eager. So how do you strike the right balance with a first date outfit?

Focus On Fit

No matter what your personal style – whether you live for athleisure, or are more influenced by elements of Mod style – and no matter what budget you have to spend on your clothes, there is one factor above all else that will influence how good you look, and it’s one that most people don’t even realize is so critical. It all comes down to fit. When garments hang right, they can be transformative. A well cut jacket, or a sweater that drapes just so give your look something irresistible. It makes you look instantly more expensive, polished and pulled together. Clothes should skim the body rather than cling or swamp – ill-fitting forms which are overly loose and baggy or just a smidgen too tight never look good and also give you a subtle body language of discomfort which can easily come across as nerves. But well-fitting clothes allow you to wear the clothes rather than having them wear you – so you can get on with showcasing your sparkling personality and sharp humor instead! Choosing straight leg, precisely cut denims or a well-tailored shirt is the way to go.

The Devil Is In The Detail

The smaller details of your look may seem minor, but they can actually have a huge impact on the impression you give, almost at a subliminal level. Making sure those brogues are polished up or streaming the creases out of that shirt to make it look box-fresh is important for making a good impression.  Get hold of a lint roller, especially if you’re wearing a dark color, and keep it crease free.

Accessorize To Perfection

No one wants to look like a cookie cutter image of the ‘ideal date’, so while following some guidelines can hit the right note and nail your style, use your accessories to hint a little at your personality and even to create a talking point. So if you want to rock those nike air max 270 or add a pop with a silk pocket square, then go ahead. Expressing who you are in important in finding out if your date is the right match for you. And don’t forget the right underwear. Who knows where the night could lead, and you want to be prepared for every eventuality with a pair of clean, well-fitting briefs that won’t kill any passion in the heat of the moment.

Select Your Venue

Of course, picking the right outfit also depends on the type of date you have lined up. Casual drinks demands a different look from going to a gig or an outdoors activity. It’s important to dress for the occasion, or you’re always going to look a little uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean you can’t retain your own unique style – you just need to smarten it up a little by adding a dinner jacket for a smart restaurant, or an extra layer if you’re going to be outside.

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