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Food and Drinks You’ve Got To Try When Traveling



While traveling is mainly about seeing sights, having new experiences, and meeting cool, wild people, there’s another reason to pack your bags and hop on the next plane out of Dodge.

Food and drinks from around the world are much more than you get at your local Tastes of the World restaurant, and you need to visit these places in person to really experience what it’s all about. If you’ve been itching to try something new and exotic, here is the food and drink you’ve got to try when traveling.

To Get The Day Started

For many, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and getting the energy you need with the Bandeja Paisa, found around the Arequipa region of Colombia is the best place to start. It is considered a farmer’s dish, who used to eat it first thing in the morning before starting in the fields.

Those familiar with a Full English Breakfast will find a lot of similarities, with egg, sausage, and beans, but it’s so much more than that. You’ll also feast of fried pork, avocado, and a salty slab of pork or beef. It’s delicious and filling, and for some, you might struggle to finish it.

To Get The Party Started

No travel experience is complete without getting a party, and what better way to get that party live and kicking than by introducing booze to the proceedings. You can find both classic and unique.

Beer lovers can enjoy the many, many craft breweries that you’ll find pretty much anywhere in the world. Wine lovers can take taste tours of the wineries of France, Australia, and Canada, and if you like it so much then visit Buy Naked Winery Online | Wine, Gifts and Wine Club to stock up on a crate (or five) ready for you to pop open once you get home.

Those looking for the harder stuff can travel further afar and head to Southeast Asia, where they like to distill their whiskey with a little surprise at the bottom. It’s an acquired taste, but by the second shot, you’ll likely not give a damn.

To Say That You Have

There are a lot of food and drink that Westerners consider ‘odd’, but often they are staples of the culture, and the locals gobble them up much the same way that you might devour sweet white bread without a second thought. It’s unlikely you’ll get to try them anywhere else, though, so why not take a bite and swig while you’re visiting new countries.

Khao San Road in Thailand has stall after stall of fried bugs, scorpions, and tarantulas, while Casu marzu, or rotten cheese, is a delicacy in Italy. If you ever find yourself in Africa, make sure to try the Enpinyo – a distilled African liquor, followed by a chaser of cow’s blood. It probably won’t catch on in the States, but it’s a story to tell.

Hungry For More

The world is much more than McDonald’s, Popeyes’, and Krispy Kreme. Far away from the grease-soaked floors of fast-food restaurants and the same old meals every week is a culinary experience just begging to excite your taste buds, and once you try it, it’s hard to go back.

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