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Getting More Out Of Your Solo Jamming Sessions



If you love nothing more than getting the guitar out and playing whatever tunes you feel like, but you don’t have a band with you, then you might feel a little limited in your jam sessions. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can make sure you’re able to rock out to your heart’s content and get more out of it in return.

Improve the tone of your guitar

If you want a better sound from your guitar, then working to get a great tone from it is very important. This can include making sure you’re using the right choice of picks, whether it’s a lighter pick for strum-heavy songs or thicker ones for note picking. It can also include ensuring that you’re using the right cables for your pedals, cutting down on the cable length that can interfere with your tone if there’s too much between the pedal and the guitar. Changing to new speakers can also make a huge difference to your tone quality.

Make it a learning session

If you want to be able to do more, then a big part of that is undoubtedly going to come from your own skill and what you, yourself, are able to do with that guitar. To that end, there are plenty of places to find guitar lessons, and even some free spots online that can give you a trial to professional quality lessons. Broaden your horizons, learn some new tricks, and sharpen your skills so that you can better make great music on your own. There’s nothing like a little self-reliability.

Have your very own drummer

What if you could have a pocket-sized drummer to bring out to offer the beat that helps you back up your riffs? Of course, this isn’t about a literal tiny drummer, but rather, a drummer pedal. As the name suggests, it’s a pedal that you can operate to play a variety of different drum loops. You can edit and adjust the loops to change their tempos, the use of instruments, and add other quirks to the playback. This can help with practicing pieces that rely on different timings and tempos, too.

Experiment with your sound

Aside from drum pedals, there are many more pedals that can help you alter the sound of your guitar in a wide variety of ways. It’s not all about performance, sometimes it’s about the artistry of the effects you put on your guitar. Many guitarists and bands are just as recognizable for the tone and effects of their guitar as they are for the actual instrumentation. There is a huge list of effects pedals to look at, some of them better suiter for beginners, others for those who already know how to use them but want even more options.

There’s nothing to stop you from making excellent music even if you don’t have a band there to back you up. Hopefully, the ideas above give you a good idea of that.

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