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Hamilton Has Everything To Be The Best Driver Of All Time



The debate over who is the best of all time in any sport is one that rages on for decades usually. People are always looking to decide one way another who is the ultimate, and F1 is no different. Lewis Hamilton, even before claiming his fourth world title, is often mentioned as potentially the best driver of all time. But even after his latest championship win, some still think he falls short. One thing is for certain though, if he isn’t the best of all time now, he certainly has everything needed to be the best.

Hamilton’s age is one key factor that will see him in with a great chance of proving himself to be the ultimate F1 driver of all time. At 32 years old, there are still plenty of years left in the tank for him to add to his 4-title haul. As it stands, he’s now 3 behind Michael Schumacher in terms of driver’s championships won and you could certainly see the Brit getting close to the magic 7, with the hope of equaling and then surpassing it.

For many people, the best is the driver who has won the most, and with time on his side, Hamilton certainly could go on to be the most decorated driver in history.

Winning his 4th world title meant he is now undoubtedly the greatest British driver of all time, but Hamilton has the speed, race craft and the necessary skills and ability to go on to be the best ever. In fact, sports betting operators like already have Lewis Hamilton as the 11/10 favorite to win the 2018 Drivers Championship! He’s in a class of his own when it comes to placing on pole for example, with 72 to his name. That is four more than Schumacher in 2nd, and Hamilton will likely increase his total over the next few years. Hamilton also has 62 race wins under his belt and while that’s only enough for second place currently, Schumacher has 91, there’s still a chance for Hamilton to play catch up.

People will always mention achievements, but Lewis Hamilton has all the skills needed to be the finest driver of all time too. For starters, he’s a master in wet conditions. Many drivers struggle when the track is wet due to the tire grip and visibility being reduced but Hamilton comes into a league of his own and it’s a skill only a true great would possess. He also has the heart and desire too. This season we saw Sebastien Vettel lead the pack for a long time, but Hamilton never gave up and when he got his chance, he took it and then went on to win the title.

Lewis Hamilton probably is the best driver of all time or at the very least the second best as things stand right now. With time still on his side and him still being at a top team, he’s likely to go on to improve on his 4 world titles. If he manages to better Schumacher’s remarkable 7, there won’t be an argument as to who is the best.

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