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Home Brewing vs. DIY Vape Juice – Which Is Right For You?



Brewing beer is an activity that humans have practiced for thousands of years, but it has never been more popular than it is today. Home brewing has been legal across the U.S. since 2013 and, as of 2017, more than one million people make their own brews at home. But this isn’t the only DIY project you can spearhead in your kitchen.

DIY vape juice is another hobby that is gaining traction, and it’s more affordable compared to making beer. Both projects have their advantages and disadvantages though, so it’s important that you research the supplies you will need as well as the cost and time commitment before diving in and crafting your first batch of vape juice or beer.

Your Biggest Expense: Supplies

You will eventually save money if you stick to it, since home brewing and steeping your own vape juice yield sizable portions. But you have got to be prepared for an initial ding to your budget. Home brewing is the more expensive one to get started, requiring basics like a metal spoon and stockpot as well as niche supplies such as a capper and airlock.

Though cheaper, you’ll have to open your wallet to start with DIY vape juice, too. You might have things like a scale and gloves around the house already, but you also have to splurge on supplies like dropper caps and pipettes. And these are just your expenses before purchasing any ingredients!

The Time Commitment

Both home brewing and making your own vape juice require a substantial time investment, even if you ignore the prep work of purchasing, cleaning, and setting up your equipment. It takes 3 to 5 weeks just for beer to ferment and carbonate, and it’ll require many more hours for things like mixing ingredients, bottling and capping, and applying labels if you’re a pro.

The same holds true for vape juice. The steep time alone takes three days for simpler recipes (eg. fruity mixes) and up to three weeks to get the full flavor from more complex concoctions (eg. creamy and bakery flavors). Regardless of whether you’re a beer drinker and/or a vape smoker, consider the time commitment before jumping into a new batch.

Two Fulfilling Activities

Though you’ll pay some money upfront for supplies and will need ingredients for new batches, these hobbies are both very rewarding. Plus, you will have total control over the ingredients you’ll use. You will eventually be able to save money compared to the cost of buying six packs or vape liquids and gels from your neighborhood bodega.

Home brewing and making your own vape juice are both fulfilling activities, and both of them have their drawbacks and advantages. The best news, though, is that you don’t have to pick one or the other activity. Once you have the equipment needed to begin, these are relatively affordable hobbies compared to the cost of buying beer or vape juice at a store.

Remember to consider the expenses and demands of each project, and continue researching the technical aspects of both before deciding whether you’d like to jump into these activities.

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