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How Men Really Feel About Boob Jobs



Let’s face it, talking about boob jobs can be a tricky subject to discuss with the woman in your life. You won’t want to risk upsetting her by saying anything that might offend, which means that she might never truly know what you think about the subject.

Of course, we all have our own opinions on this subject, but there are certain issues that most of us all seem to agree on.

We Want Her To Feel Good About Herself

Every man wants the woman he is with to feel good about herself. He knows that when she feels confident about her looks and her figure that she’s at her best, and that can bring out the best in you as well.

If a woman has any insecurity about her body, as her boyfriend or husband, you should be keen to help her to overcome them. However, you don’t want to appear overly concerned about this issue, as you’ll want to avoid making it appear as though you’re unhappy with her current appearance.

If she becomes happier with her looks, the two of you will likely have a happier relationship because of this. This means that no guy in his right mind wants the woman he’s with to feel bad about her body. Interestingly enough, plastic surgery for men on the rise is a key indicator that most men are starting to feel conscious about their own bodies, and that most women support men changing themselves physically if it makes them happy.

We Want To Find Her As Attractive As Possible

There is another very good reason for supporting a woman’s decision to go ahead with breast augmentation surgery. That’s because we want our significant other to be as attractive as possible.

If you start having doubts about how attractive certain parts of her body are, this can be fatal for the future of their relationship. You may still want to be with her, but there’s no denying that physical attraction is a big part of any relationship.

Every man has a different opinion on the perfect female figure, but it can be difficult to find this perfection in any potential partner. If there is a part of her body that you are not happy with, you may find yourself slowly starting to lose interest in her over time.

On the other hand, those couples that have managed to live happily together for many years have usually found a way of avoiding the loss of the physical attraction they felt at the start. While some people may be lucky enough for this to happen naturally, others need a bit of a helping hand in terms of plastic surgery.

We Are Afraid To Start The Conversation

Any guy who wants to see his partner get breast augmentation surgery is going to find it extremely difficult to start up a conversation on the subject. You may be desperate to talk about it for all the right reasons, but you will want to avoid saying the wrong thing, especially if she appears to be happy with her body.

As you can imagine, this can lead to some very awkward situations, so tread lightly. Of course, if she makes the suggestion on her own at some point, that’d be the best scenario for everyone. The decision to undergo plastic surgery is something that a couple should talk about openly, but sometimes the problem is getting the conservation started in the first place.

Making the right decision about breast surgery is something that as guys we can help with, if you can just find the right way to start up the conversation.

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