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How To Keep Your Sex Life Interesting When Social Distancing



Calling a woman on the phone for a booty call

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone and spend lockdown in the same house, you need no help with your sex life. I imagine most days are like a visual replication of the Karma Sutra as you take full advantage of all your alone time.

Some of you aren’t that lucky, and you’ve ended up all by yourself. It’s probably even worse if you are in a relationship as social distancing measures mean you can’t be in close contact with your other half. As a result, you haven’t been this sexual frustrated since you were a teenage boy!

With that in mind, I’m here to ease your suffering by revealing a few ways you can keep your sex life interesting while still social distancing:

Phone sex

Phone sex involves calling someone up and talking dirty to one another. If this sounds awkward, that’s because it can be at first, particularly if neither of you has ever done this before. Couples should definitely give it a go as you will find it very enthralling and the awkwardness should subside after a couple of minutes.

What if you’re single? Well, I wouldn’t recommend asking any random girl on Tinder to call you up for some phone sex. Instead, there are plenty of chat line numbers where you can talk to professionals. This makes things less awkward as they know what they’re doing, and it’s also the lazy way out as they don’t expect you to reciprocate!


Those of you that really struggle to get to grips with phone sex will prefer sexting. It’s a similar approach, only you text one another instead of speaking out loud. This makes it more discreet as it can be hard to have phone sex with other people in your house.

Sexting is great for both couples and single people. It’s far less awkward to start sexting someone you met on Tinder than it is to give them a call. If anything, this can help you bridge the gap to something more personal like phone sex or the final idea on this list.

Snapchat sex

Finally, we have the most daring of all three ideas. With Snapchat sex, you send pictures and videos back and forth with whoever you’re chatting to. This can be amazing as you get the visuals, but I suggest you take things slow. Just like with real sex, there’s the danger of finishing too quickly. If you finish and your girl is still going, then it becomes really awkward as you no longer have much to offer by way of videos or photos.

So, be the ultimate gent and see that her needs are met before yours. Let’s be honest, we all know that as soon as she’s finished, you’re likely right behind her anyway. Even if you take a bit longer, it’s much easier for a girl to keep sending photos and videos after the deed is done.

There you have it; three ways to keep your sex life interesting while social distancing. Of course, make sure you ask the other person if they’re into any of these ideas before you try them. Don’t force them into anything, and don’t send them any messages or pictures without their consent!

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