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How To Surprise Someone On Their Birthday



Planning a surprise birthday for someone? Follow these steps to throw one great party that they will appreciate and never forget.

Go Outside Your Home

Hosting your party elsewhere has a few advantages. Surprise parties require you to clean and decorate your house. Even if you’re normally fastidious, they may notice you’ve been sprucing up the place. And then you’ll have to get a bunch of people to arrive early to set up. These are logistical you will have to consider figuring out.

Another option is to have your party at another venue. There are a couple of great ideas you can choose from.

A Suprise Picnic

The great thing about this method is that you can find any excuse to get in the car and take your guest of honor to a park. You can make up an excuse about needng to use a backroad or run an errand, which won’t make them suspicious. Parks are a great idea for large groups and groups of adults mixed with children. But this idea isn’t so comfortable in the winter months, and can’t work during inclement weather. You will also want to check with whoever manages the park about whether or not you need to rent a pavilion, for example.

Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for a really fresh and new way to suprise someone on their birthday then try an escape room. They’re great for a variety of group sizes, from 2 to twenty, usually, but if you have more people in your party then talk to the venue. Some escape room companies can expand the rooms to accommodate large groups as long as you book well in advance. But they’re also engaging, interactive, and they leave participants feeling like they accomplished something. It is a real adrenaline rush inside of an escape room where you’re trying to solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges within 60 minutes.

But what makes them so much fun is that everyone is able to work together and participate. Everyone will be busy communicating their findings and hypotheses. In fact, escape rooms are trending all over the world. So get in on the fun and plan your party today!

Keep It A Secret Till The End

You want to double-check any and all obstacles that can get in guests’ way. This means making sure that all guests have access to the venue, adequate parking in a hidden area (your birthday guest of honor will be tipped off if they see a bunch of cars in front of your house, for example) and that nobody gets held up at a security gate.

This may also mean having to create a rule for late guests. Ideally, you will tell the guests to arrive well before the guest of honor. So if someone is running late and risks being seen walking into your home or surprise venue, it might give it away.

Additionally, some venues may have a rule about late guests. At escape rooms, which were discussed above, you and your guests usually need to arrive at the same time due to the timed and teamwork nature of the activity. Plus, you will probably not be the only party at the escape room, and the venue will not allow you to hold up other groups because of late people in yours. Give yourself adequate time to settle in, and get ready for the fun!

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