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Killer Entertainment System – What to Look For



Every dude out there today needs a killer man cave. Whether you’re looking to build out an awesome place to relax, watch the football game with friends, or possibly have the world’s coolest hangout spot, it needs to have the best electronics around in order to blow everyone away. Here are some of the coolest things you need to add to your man cave.

Entertainment System

No dude wants to check out their buddy’s newest man cave only to discover that they have a 10-inch television with horrible picture and the world’s worst sound. To counter this problem, consider picking up the Panasonic Viera 55-inch 1080p 3-D Plasma HDTV. Yes, you read that right. It is a 3-D television! Imagine watching the Super Bowl on this bad boy. You will have to wear 3-D glasses to watch anything and while you may think that you look ridiculous, just remember that all your buddies will be wearing them too. This way, you can make fun of them too! For a TV of this size, wall-mounting is definitely the way to go. By mounting the TV directly on the wall, you can have tons more room for other things like leather recliners and a foosball table.

Now that you’ve got the TV picked out, you need something that’s going to play all of those kick-ass action movies that you want to watch on a daily basis. For this, you need to pick up the Sony BDV-HZ970W 3-D Compatible Blu-ray Player Home Entertainment System. Yes people… Blu-ray is the next greatest thing since sliced bread. Put away your crappy DVD player and pick up a player that will make you feel like you’re actually in the movie. Watching that new Frank Miller movie? Now you can feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Now that we’ve got the movies and sports section covered, next up is the sound. Now even if you’re not planning on inviting any chicks over for parties and are keeping your man cave strictly for you and your buddies, it’s only necessary that you have some top quality sound. Whether you feel like bumping some music or feeling that surround sound experience when watching an action movie, you definitely need to consider picking up the Yamaha YHT-S400BL Home Theater System. It’s unique “soundbar” can fit anywhere and packs a powerful subwoofer that delivers tons of bass, if needed.


Now that you have all of your electronics picked out for your awesome man cave, you’ll need to outfit it with furniture. While leather sofas are pretty much standard (easy to wipe up spilled beer if for no other reason), the entertainment center is another story. There’s an enormous variety to choose from (metal, glass, plastic, etc.). The stand should obviously fit all of the components(and have space for storage), and even if you decide to mount your TV on the wall, you certainly want to balance and space things appropriately. The entertainment center should house all of the electronics as well as frame the TV and “work” with the speaker system.

Don’t skimp either. You’re likely to upgrade your electronics every few years and will likely change out the couches as they get worn, but odds are, that entertainment center is going to be with you a while. Find something that’s functional today, but also allows you room to grow and incorporate the latest and greatest. Beside the TV, the entertainment center dominates the room, so pick something classy. While steel and glass have made a strong showing in recent years, woods the standard. From a deep red cherry to a dark mahogany, wood leaves an impression. If you can’t find the specific unit to fit your space, custom furniture options are worth the investment. They’re a lot less expensive than most people think and are obviously perfectly tailored to your room and setup.

It’s Game Time

Now that you know exactly what you need to add to make your man cave kick some serious ass, it’s time to start building. Get out there and build that room that you’ve always dreamed about!

David Nance is a freelance writer and long-time advocate of a dedicated video room. The article was crafted for the team at Erik Organic, who make real furniture for serious rooms.

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