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SmartBuyGlasses Makes Shopping For New Glasses Easier Than Ever!



Buying new glasses

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s shopping for new glasses.. For the past 4-5 years, I’ve worn the same pair of glasses, because my prescription hadn’t changed much. But my luck finally ran out at my most recent eye exam, when my eye doctor told me that I needed new glasses.

Here we go again, spending an entire weekend going from store to store, trying on endless pairs of glasses to find the one that looks just right. Only then to get hit with sticker shock when they tell you how much it’ll cost. Seriously, the last pair of glasses I bought cost me nearly $400!

I couldn’t go through that nightmare again. So this time around, I decided to buy my glasses online. Now I know that sounds rather strange, but the process is quite simple, not to mention MUCH more affordable.

SmartBuyGlasses is one of the world’s leading online designer eyewear retailers, and they’ve been around since 2006! With over 180 brands and 80,000 products available, trust me, you will have no problem finding the glasses that are just right for you.

I was really impressed with SmartBuyGlasses’ selection of frames, and I spent quite awhile browsing through their various frames, looking for a few pairs that might look good on me. But of course, it’s hard to buy frames based on photos alone. That’s why they give you a 360-degree view of each frame, along with a Virtual Try On feature that lets you virtually “wear” the glasses to see how they look on you.

SmartBuyGlasses - Gucci GG2248

Ironically, the first pair of glasses that I had looked at turned out to be the ones that I liked the most, so after getting the OK from the wife, I got my eye doctor to e-mail me my prescription so I could place my order with SmartBuyGlasses. I was really torn between the Gucci GG2248 and the Ray Ban RB8415, but I preferred the shorter lens height of the Guccis, so I went with them.

Now I’m not going to lie, I was a little concerned about how the glasses would look and fit when they arrived, as glasses definitely aren’t are one-size-fits-all type of purchase. But the measurements were almost spot on with my current glasses, and if worse came to worse, I’d just take advantage of their 100-day return policy.

Less than a week later, my glasses arrived in the mail (they weren’t kidding when they said “Fast Shipping”), and I couldn’t be happier with them. The fit is perfect, and they really look great!

All in all, the process of buying eyeglasses online wasn’t nearly as complicated as I had expected, and I think we will see more people start shopping this way, especially when they see how much money they can save. The total cost for my glasses was $190, and that includes free anti-scratch, anti-reflective and UV protection coatings, not to mention a 2-year warranty.

I would have easily paid twice as much going to my normal eyeglass store. So if you’re in the market for new glasses, be sure to visit You’ll be glad you did!

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