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The 5 Surprising Benefits Of A Healthy Sex Drive And How To Increase Libido



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Sex drive—also called libido—varies dramatically from person to person. Your sex drive may be determined by your hormone levels, the medications you take, and your lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, and even smoking.

Plus, there’s a psychological component: How often you want to have sex depends on much much stress you’re experiencing, how attracted you feel to your partner, and even how confident you feel about yourself.

So, suffice to say, there really is no one picture of what a “healthy” sex drive looks like. Ideally, your sex drive would be in perfect balance: Not so high that you feel like you have a compulsion, but not so low that you feel no desire to have sex at all.

That said, a healthy libido should allow you to have sex regularly so you can experience all of its incredible benefits. Keep reading this guide from VitaliBoost to find out five surprising reasons why a healthy sex drive is so important for your health and what you can do to boost your libido.

The Top 5 Benefits of a Healthy Sex Drive

1. It Can Make You Stress Less

In modern days, we’re no strangers to stress. Full work schedules, the 24-hour news cycle, and a full pandemic on top of it all can definitely put us more on edge than usual.

Well, it just so happens that sex is an amazing stress reliver. Having sex releases all kinds of feel-good chemicals in your brain, such as dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin, and various endorphins. Plus, it reduces the levels of cortisol in your body—a notorious stress hormone.

If you’re stressed, sex can be the last thing on your mind. But if you have a healthy sex drive, you’ll be much more likely to get in the mood and receive the stress-busting benefits of sex.

2. It Can Increase Your Immunity

In post-pandemic times, we’re (understandably) more concerned with having a healthy immune system. While supplementing is an important part of boosting your immunity, sex can be another way to achieve this.

One way this happens is indirect: By improving your overall health, sex can make it easier for your body to fight off infections. Some of the health benefits of sex include better sleep, lowered blood pressure, and improved heart function—amongst many others.

But sex can improve your immunity another way: By increasing your levels of antibodies. In one study, those who had sex at least once a week had 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin A—a key infection-fighting molecule—than those who had sex less frequently.

3. It Can Make You Smarter

Thanks to all the brain chemicals that get released after orgasm, research shows that regular sex can boost your cognitive function. Some studies show that after sex, people perform much better on tasks related to problem-solving and memory. In addition, one study even found that sex can help to grow new cells in the brain, which can give you a serious boost in cognitive function.

4. It Can Boost Your Confidence

A healthy libido all on its own can lead to an increase in your confidence levels. Men who are able to get aroused easily are much more likely to experience lack of self-confidence during sex. On the other hand, those who have a hard time getting aroused are more likely to feel insecure—down the line, this can even lead to performance problems.

5. It Can Improve Your Relationship

If you are in a relationship, having a healthy sex drive can bring you closer to your partner. While having great sex is definitely responsible for this, there’s another reason this happens: By regularly initiating sex, you make your partner feel more desired. This can make your partner feel much more attractive, which can significantly improve your sex life and relationship.

Naturally Boost Your Libido With VitaliBoost

We hope that you see why a healthy sex drive is so important. It can do wonders for your physical and mental health, improve your relationship, and make you feel more confident about yourself.

But what do you do if your sex drive isn’t as high as you want it to be?

Usually, the standard treatment for a low libido in men is supplementing with testosterone. However, these supplements come with many side effects, such as hair loss, increased aggression, and hypertension. Ironically, they can even lower your libido down the line.

Herbal supplements provide a safe and effective alternative. These all-natural ingredients dramatically increase your sex drive by increasing your brain’s feel-good chemicals while supporting your adrenal health and increasing your blood circulation. Check out the best-selling supplement combination, The Holy Grail of Sex – to naturally increase your libido, endurance, and performance for your optimal health, and to help you deliver a bigger load.

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