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The Changing Face Of Office Technology



The rise of technology and its increased impact on the workplace has been dramatic in recent times. There are so many ways in which technology is changing how we work and how businesses generally operate. It’s important to understand how these changes are happening and what they mean for businesses and the people who work for them because these changes can impact all of us.

The changing face of the office environment is one of the biggest stories in the business world over recent years, and although all of these changes might not have been adopted in all workplaces just yet, it’s only a matter of time before that’s the case. As more and more companies pay more attention to how they can harness the power of technology, things are only going to move in one direction.

To help provide you with more information about some of the changes now taking place, we’re going to talk about them and provide you with information about each point mentioned. Keep reading to find out more.

Real-Time Collaboration is the New Norm

Better joined up collaboration is now easier and more straightforward than ever before. If you can communicate with your colleagues in real-time with platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox, distance needn’t be a hindrance. This is obviously a big benefit in the modern workplace.

It’s now going to new places beyond what is possible with those platforms though. For example, it’s now possible to use screen sharing and other sharing software to work collaboratively in real-term, whether a group is spread across an office or in different cities entirely. It really is that flexible now.

Cybersecurity is a Huge Deal Now

Businesses are primary targets for hackers and cybercriminals. If they can compromise the security systems of a business, they can steal from the company and maybe even access the sensitives details of its customers. It’s a rare occurrence but it’s obviously happening more than ever before.

That’s why cybersecurity is such a big deal in most offices and workplaces nowadays. Staff have to be trained on how to avoid cyber threats and there are lots of software systems used to protect companies against the threats posed by cybercriminals and hackers that might have bad intentions. The importance of cybersecurity is only going to grow too.

Is Fax Still a Thing?

These days, a Fax Server is used to allow computers to send and receive fax messages. So, in some way at least, fax is still a thing that’s used by offices and workplaces, but there are generally better alternatives to it out there as well. Most companies use these but it depends on the situation and needs of the business.

Fax has its place in certain circumstances and is good for getting details plans across long distances, such as when one member of a team is working from home and needs to get something to the office. Digital faxing can do that job perfectly well.

JBL E55BT Wireless Headphones

Good Headphones Can Reduce Office Chaos for Everyone

This might sound like a relatively small issue, but each person having their own headphones that they can use during the day when they’re working actually makes a really big deal. If each person is completing work that requires audio, there can be dozens of computers all making a noise.

Being able to prevent that kind of situation by having each person listen to their own audio individually makes a difference. Even the noise canceling qualities of good headphones can help to shut off from the chatter and noise of the rest of the office when employees are looking to shut out distractions.

Cloud-Based Technology

The benefit of the cloud is that it’s ideal for scaling a business as it grows. You can improve your power capacity, data storage and all kinds of other things without it taking up any extra space in the office. There are many applications used every day by employees that rely on the cloud as well.

In the past, if a business wanted to expand in such dramatic ways, it would almost certainly have to move to a new office and undergo all the upheaval that comes with that. That doesn’t necessarily have to happen nowadays and the advent of cloud computing is a big part of that.

Pre-Digital Internal Communication Methods Are as Important as Ever

In modern offices, there’s still a need for certain forms of communication that might be viewed as a hangover from a previous period of time. For example, whiteboards are used all the time. They allow people to display information clearly for the whole room to see and notes and reminders can be written there.

This kind of internal communication is really important because everyone needs to be on the same page and pulling in the same direction for the business to find success. Sharing information communally in the office this way definitely helps with all that.

Eco-Friendly Tech is Growing

More and more businesses are paying attention to matters such as environmental sustainability and things like that. They want to be greener and more responsible because they can see that this is a matter that the public and, therefore, their customers care about increasingly.

Offices are now often powering their offices with green energy. There is a range of solar panels that are meant to be used by businesses located in offices. The same applies to small wind turbines. Things like energy saving monitors and offices that are built for environmental sustainability are more common too.

AR and VR Can Change Office Design Processes

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both making big strides forward and they’re being incorporated into offices too. Design work is increasingly using VR and AR, and it really helps for collaborative working too. When you can see something in VR form, you don’t have to imagine it; you can really be there and experience it.

These technologies are still improving rapidly so their potential has far from been reached at this point. It remains to be seen just how much can be achieved via this technology and what it will mean long-term for offices and workplaces.

Improvements in Ergonomic Furniture

This might not be the most advanced development, but a lot of time and resources have gone into providing modern offices with the most ergonomic furniture possible. The improvements in ergonomic furniture are getting great every year and it’s having a direct and positive impact on office workers.

Standing desks have become increasingly popular in modern offices. They help prevent back pain and problems like that which are very common in many offices. It’s often the small and imperceptible things that have the biggest impact of all though. It’s a form of technology and there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making these changes possible.

3D Printing is Helping Encourage Innovation

3D printing is another form of technology that hasn’t reached its full potential yet, but we’re already seeing ways in which it’s having an impact and making a difference in office spaces around the world. It makes prototyping so much easier and removes some of the risk associated with it.

The entire research and development process is made simpler when there are options of things like 3D printing at the fingertips of employees. It gives them an extra tool with which to experiment and try new things. It really does make a big difference and many companies are already benefiting from it.

The Office Isn’t Necessarily the Workplace Any Longer

These days, remote working is more common than it’s ever been. That’s largely down to the fact that people can work from home now because they have the same sorts of facilities at home as they do at the office, as well as access to the same information over the internet.

With more people working from home, the secure transference of files and data is more important than ever too. Encryption is increasingly used to ensure nothing leaks or is compromised when documents and files are being sent back and forth all the time.

Internet of Things Technology Could be the Next Big Breakthrough

The Internet of Things relates to the way in which gadgets are becoming able to interact seamlessly with one another. It’s about saving time and giving you and your employees more time to focus on other more important matters. It’s a major breakthrough for so many reasons.

It hasn’t had its full impact yet because the technology used for it is not quite there yet. It’s still being worked on and developed and we’re seeing the first shoots of its potential, but it’ll almost certainly have a bigger impact on businesses and workplaces in the years ahead of us.

Technology is obviously a big part of the business world these days. It’s important that businesses carrying on trying new technologies and pushing in new directions because that’s how innovation in the workplace happens. When people have more tools at their disposal, they’re capable of achieving more.

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