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The Wildest Safaris You Can Easily Visit



Few things in life can match the beauty of untamed nature. Just the mere presence amidst the beauty, serenity, and wildness that nature provides is one of the greatest experiences a person could ever have. Going on a safari is probably the best way to experience said nature in all its mesmerizing beauty. Whether you’re going on a jungle or desert safari, the experience itself has so much to offer and give to those willing to go on such an adventure.

Between seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, admiring the beautiful scenery, and just roughing it out in the wild, a safari is an adventure of a lifetime, and it is definitely one that you should experience at least once. Most people consider safaris in the African wilderness the best there is, but where do you start? These are the wildest safaris you can easily enjoy.

Serengeti National Park

There are certain staples of the African safari experience, and the Serengeti National Park is one of those. Located in northern Tanzania, this national park is known for a myriad of wild animals, most notably wildebeest and zebras who migrate there annually. The migration season in Serengeti National Park is what many people specifically come for, and it sees a lot of tourists exploring the beauty of these animals in their natural surroundings. Just imagine zebras and cheetahs in plains as far as the eyes could see, wandering about in the sunset and living their lives as they should. Then you might get an idea on how beautiful the place is.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is another gem in northern Tanzania, with immense natural beauty. It’s home to elephants, lions, buffalo, rhino, leopards, wildebeests, zebras, and many other animals. The area also has a large volcanic crater and massive plains and rivers covering the huge space. It’s a beauty like no other and there is so much to experience when you go.

Addo Elephant National Park

You can’t talk African safaris without focusing on South Africa. The country is home to 19 national parks, and each of them is uniquely different than the other. While tickets to South Africa can sometimes be a bit pricey, there are good options out there. This national park can be reached by land, or you can take a quick 2 hour flight from Durban to Cape Town. Mango Flights is one of the country’s most affordable and cheapest airlines to get you there. Addo Elephant National Park has herds of giant elephants that can be seen roaming freely in the open, along with rhinos and buffalos. So if you have a thing for elephants, and you should because they’re wonderful creatures, you should definitely visit Addo Elephant Park.

Kruger National Park

This huge park also offers elephant, rhinos, leopards, lions, and so on in their natural habitat, but it also features intricate trails where you can follow these animals on their daily routines. You get to ride in safari vehicles and roam the park. They also have night safaris, which are a favorite there, it’s where you get to trace nocturnal animals roaming the night. There’s also camping options if you’re out for a little more adventure than most sign up for.

Marakele National Park

This sanctuary of wildlife is another must-visit for nature and wild animal lovers,. In addition to the wildlife, Marakele National Park has some of the most gorgeous scenery of mountains and plains stretched out over long distances that will surely please any nature lover.

Camdeboo National Park

The Camdeboo National Park is different from most national parks because it offers a unique ecosystem and stunning landscapes, ranging from mountains and cliffs to jungles and rock formations the likes of which you have never seen. Some of these rock formations date back millions of years, and you can tell by their intricate and unique designs that they are unlike anything else you’ve seen before. The park also has some really cool lodges and lakeside cottages, where campers and adventures can enjoy evenings and stay the night if they want.

You hear people talk about how much of a unique and once in a lifetime experience African wild safaris are, but you’ll never really know until you go. You can experience metropolises and modern cities anywhere you go, and gorgeous beaches are everywhere. But experiencing the wilderness and encountering wild animals in their natural habitat is on a whole other level. So pack your bags, and get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget!

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