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Tips To Keep Your Car In Tip-Top Condition



Considering how much money we spend on our cars (the average new vehicle purchase price is $35,000), it only makes sense to take care of them so that we get as much life out of them as possible. While some people can take this to the extreme, the vast majority of us get lazy over time and start neglecting our cars.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have put together some useful tips to help keep your car in excellent condition both inside and out. And while some of these might seem obvious, trust me, we’ve seen some pretty scary stuff over the years..

Get To Know Your Car

Strange as it sounds, most people never take the time to read their owner’s manual when they get their cars. This is important because many cars have specific instructions on things that you need to do regularly, parts that need special maintenance, and even basic things like how to setup your Bluetooth. A little time spent here can save you in the long run.

Check/Change Your Oil Regularly

Oil is the life blood of your vehicle, and without it, you’re not getting very far (unless you have an electric vehicle). Needless to say, you should get in the habit of checking your oil at least once a month and changing it according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, which you can find in your owner’s manual.

Find A Reputable Mechanic

If your car is out of warranty, and you don’t want to pay dealership prices for maintenance and repairs, find yourself a reputable, skilled and honest mechanic that can keep your car in good working order and not take you to the cleaners. If you’re not sure who to use, ask your friends who work on their cars, and if they’re happy with them.

Clean Your Car Inside And Out

You spent all this money on your car, don’t you want it to look its best? Then take the time to clean your car regularly, inside and out. Don’t feel like washing and waxing your car yourself? Simply take it through the car wash once a month. If your car isn’t looking so hot, or if you’ve got a hot date you want to impress, Car Detailing Perth can help you with exterior and interior car detailing to make your car look and smell like new.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

The only thing between you and the road is your tires, so it’s important that you keep an eye on them. Make your tires last longer by avoiding hitting potholes and curbs, as well as by having them properly inflated and rotated on a regular basis. Tires should be replaced when tread wear indicators are showing between the treads.

Use The Right Fuel

Use the right type of fuel for your car. If your car calls for premium (91/93 octane), make sure you fill up with that. Using a lower octane gasoline could possible damage the engine due to detonation (not a huge problem on modern cars, but a real issue on older ones). So, it’s best to check what type of fuel is required and always use that.

Maintain Your Brakes

You should have your brake pads and rotors checked regularly, especially if something doesn’t feel right (vibration in the pedal, metallic sound, etc). Because the last thing you want is for your brakes to fail when you’re speeding on the highway, causing you to crash.

Change The Air Filter

Air filters need to be changed regularly to maintain the right flow of air into the engine and to protect the engine from debris. If your air filter gets too dirty or clogged, your car could lose power and run roughly. Engine air filters are a relatively inexpensive part, but they perform a very important job.

Follow these simple tips, and you can extend the life of your vehicle dramatically. Today’s cars are built better than ever, and with some basic maintenance like this, you should be able to drive your car for a very long time (or at least until you get tired of it).

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