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Why Academic Writing Is Important For College Students



If there is one universal thing that college students all around the world have to deal with on a regular basis, it’s academic assignments. Every professor will assign papers to their students to make sure that they are learning the materials being taught in class, and these ultimately play a big part in the grade you get at the end of the semester. Unfortunately, many students struggle with them, and question the need to write so many papers to begin with.

So, is it really necessary to write so many papers? Is academic writing that important? Let us dive into this essential issue.

There are multiple benefits to academic writing. Take into your consideration these following advantages offered by ENL writers from an expert academic writing service which assists busy students online:

  1. Stimulates intellectual development.
  2. Teaches discipline.
  3. Teaches to analyze.
  4. Shows how to convey the message.
  5. Enhances cognition.
  6. Enriches our vocabulary.
  7. Improves mental health.

Let’s dig into these advantages a bit further.

Advantage #1

First of all, writing hugely stimulates our intellectual development. When a student receives any writing assignment, they need to use their wits to accomplish it successfully. It’s required to gather information, sort it out, choose a topic, plan an outline, use proper language and examples, etc.

This process makes our brain work more intensively. The increase in brain activity involves various nervous centers and activates analytical thinking. Thus, we use the sense of logic, memory, attention and so on. It’s a not a simple rewrite. Before we put any words on the paper, we think them over and this improves our thinking.

Advantage #2

Thanks to academic writing we become more self-disciplined and organized. Many people are unaware of this fact. How is that possible? Every research paper has certain requirements that should be completed in strict accordance with the rules. Once a student violates them, they lose important points. As such, students do their best to stick to the rules exactly as stated.

The fulfillment of the rules turns into a strong habit. We realize that we should follow certain standards and every task must be taken seriously. Thus, we become more disciplined and can easily follow the rules. This helps in the future, especially when we acquire a job.

Advantage #3

Academic writing positively affects our critical thinking. We should consider the psychological side of writing too. We use our brain to hold the pen and use it, as well as we think about how to express our thoughts. This process involves physical and mental activities. When we describe something in our own words, we reinforce critical evaluation. As we express our thoughts we criticize, summarize, synthesize, predict, compare, interpret and so on. These processes significantly improve critical thinking.

As a result, we make decisions faster and use the most effective and original methods to solve different tasks in all life situations. Accordingly, academic writing doesn’t simply help to earn higher grades. It creates new neural connections to accomplish everyday obligations.

Advantage #4

Academic writing helps to formulate and clearly express thoughts. Answering and solving problems aloud is much more complicated than to think and then write about them. Oftentimes, we understand that some concept might have been explained much better than we have done it. However, the time is gone. When we write, we have more time to think the matter over. Students use this time to convey their ideas logically and more effectively.

This positively reflects on their thinking and problem-solving in real life. Even a student was slow in thinking before, his/her quickness will be increased after regular writing practice. It’s necessary to take into account the element of mental pressure. When we answer orally, we’re pressed by time. Writing provides us with time and relieves stress.

Advantage #5

Writing positively affects our cognition. As we’re writing, we improve our thinking, attention, memory capacity, and other cognitive functions. It is especially helpful to write using a pen and paper. Typing on electronic devices doesn’t have such good effects. The main clue to it is a great focus on what our hand does. We pay attention to the motor control of a pen with our fingers and giving commands to them. This affects the way that we act and think. It’s a huge stimulation for our brain. Accordingly, you should write on paper before you submit electronic versions.

Advantage #6

Without a doubt, college students significantly enlarge their knowledge and vocabulary. Every discipline is unique and has its own definitions, terms, rules, etc. As we research the topic, we look for materials that can resolve the issue, explain it or help to support our theory. You inevitably learn new words and their meanings. Most of them we picture in our memory and can use in other spheres. As we enlarge our vocabulary, we become more appealing and interesting to other people. Everybody likes beautifully constructed sentences with smart, helpful, and logical conclusions.

Advantage #7

It also positively reflects on our mental state, as writing can help to relieve stress and obtain a positive tune. In fact, many psychologists recommend journaling as an effective therapy for just this reason. There are a number of different kinds of journaling. These are letters to yourself to understand what is important for you. Letters to other people to express things you hadn’t yet vocalized. You can use many other therapies.

On average, it helps to:

  • Manage stress;
  • Enhance mental intelligence;
  • Improve communicative skills;
  • Solve problems faster;
  • Enhance self-control, etc.

As you can see, academic writing has multiple advantages. No matter how difficult it may be, practice it regularly to reap the great benefits.

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