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Turn Your Basement Into An Awesome Workshop



Every home needs a room in which to build and fix stuff. Unfortunately, there rarely is one, so a lot of work happens in inconvenient places – like on the kitchen table! Many homeowners turn to the garage when they need a workshop. It’s out of the flow of family traffic and no one minds if you make noise there. But garages are typically crowded with all sorts of equipment, including mower tractors, bikes, kayaks — and maybe even a car or two! Besides, who feels comfortable with keeping saws and other power tools within reach of every neighborhood child who drops by for a play date?

A much better choice for the home workshop is the basement.  It usually has everything you need, including plumbing, electrical service, and access for large items. Heating and cooling are not usually big concerns because temperature swings in basements are not dramatic. Below are some great pictures of a basement workshop created by Alan Lily.

What basements typically don’t have is a climate that’s friendly to tools. Excess humidity can quickly rust your prized set of chisels. Flooding can ruin your supplies. The lack of adequate lighting is a safety hazard. In addition, concrete slabs are not fun to stand on for long periods. And while it’s not critical, stained and ragged masonry walls are not particularly inspiring to the woodworker trying to replicate a grandfather clock or a pencil post bed.

All of the above can be quickly remedied with many of the same products used to convert a basement to a game room or an entertainment area. Basement Systems, Inc. offers a menu of products that will dry out your basement and keep it that way. Its interior perimeter drain and sump pump systems have a proven track record in hundreds of thousands basements across the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the UK. Its Total Basement Finishing™ (TBF) division offers wall, floor, and ceiling products that not only look great but are waterproof (just in case the unthinkable happens). Impact-resistant wall panels are offered with insulation for basements that would otherwise be too chilly to work in. Or you can opt for bright white non-insulated panels that hide ungainly masonry walls and provide a vapor barrier at the same time. TBF’s basement tile- and plank-style basement flooring products easily snap in place and offer a vapor barrier and thermal break.

Click here to see a video view of the basement workshop.

Tim Snyder, former editor of American Woodworking and an avid woodworker himself, recommends some additional tips should you consider converting your basement to a workshop.  “It’s wise,” says Snyder, “to wall off the workshop from the rest of the basement. Having a door to the workshop area solves several problems: it can be locked for security and safety, and it helps with dust control. He also recommends drop ceilings. “They do a pretty good job of dampening noise transfer to upstairs. In addition, they can accommodate fluorescent light fixtures over workstations,” says Snyder. Snyder says that you should also bring at least two new circuits to your shop. “Keep the lighting and the power tools on separate circuits,” he says. “If you trip a circuit while ripping a board, at least you won’t be left in the dark!” Snyder adds that a dust control system is a must. “In my own shop, I have a centrally located dust collector that I can easily attach to each of my dust-making tools.” Dust collectors can be wall- or floor-mounted and can be used to power a shop sweep accessory. He also recommends an air filter. Good ones, such as those from Grizzly Industrial, Inc., can draw 1400 CFM and filter to 1 micron.

Other basement workshop design tips

  1. Replace old corroded windows than no longer function. TBF offers sliding vinyl units that can be opened for ventilation.
  2. Keep access ways clear so you can move supplies in and finished projects out!
  3. Install cushioned workstation mats wherever you’ll be standing for long periods. They help fight fatigue.
  4. Install a high-capacity dehumidifier so any excess humidity is eliminated before it can tarnish your tool collection.
  5. Devote a separate cabinet to safety equipment so you always know right where it is. Store dust masks, respirators, safety glasses and goggles, and hearing protectors there. Emergency eye wash and a first aid kit are good ideas as well.
  6. Install a utility sink. It will save you from running upstairs every time you need water to wash a brush or rinse glue off your hands.

Having a basement workshop, especially one that is comfortable place to spend time, is a great asset to a home. Not only will it allow woodworkers to pursue their hobby, but it’s a great place to fix miscellaneous household items and to work on projects with your kids.

This is written by Joe Provey for Total Basement Finishing.

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6 Essential Life Skills For The Man Who Wants To Be In The Know



In order to stand out among a sea of average men, you need to bring your skills up. You’ll need to work hard to become a more well-rounded human being, knowing not just things to impress the women in your life, but skills that are practical and allow you to be more prepared in any situation or even help you further your career.

Below, we’ve highlighted six essential life skills that every man needs to know in order to step their game up, helping you get a bit closer to becoming “perfect”.

How To Tie A Bowtie

Your casual daily attire may see you rocking the grunge look complete with ripped jeans and a pair of converse. Or you may keep it sporty and wear the jersey of your favorite NBA team. But when you need to make your mark in a formal occasion, it’s time to bring out the big guns and rock a suit. Combine it with a pair of sharp shoes, a chunky watch and a dapper waistcoat with a bowtie instead of a standard tie and turn it into a tuxedo. Not only is it useful for wearing a formal do, but you could also mix it up in the workplace. As The Black Tux’s guide to tieing a bowtie notes, you’ll also be ready to wear one on your wedding day.

How To Play Card Games

It’s not just what you are wearing that makes you sophisticated, it is also about what you know and how you are able to entertain. A common pastime of mature, distinguished men? Playing cards. This is thanks to the core principles of these card games, as Betway Casino’s explainer of blackjack rules suggests. For starters, you have to know when to take risks and when to play it safe, knowing when to fold or even to split. It also helps you to improve your confidence, as you’re able to double down when you’re feeling good about your current hand. Try learning blackjack, poker and baccarat in order to be able to impress.

How To Speak In Public

Speaking of confidence, being comfortable speaking in public is a very useful skill to have. You need to be able to speak with confidence and knowledge – to really know what you are talking about. Crucial to being a good public speaker, says The Art of Charm, is to eliminate any filler words such as “umm” and “ahh” and to relax your body, releasing the tension in your muscles as these can affect your tone of voice. The ability to speak authoritatively and with confidence not only helps you in the workplace and getting your ideas across, but it helps you to make a strong impression with, for example, your partner’s parents.

How To Poach Eggs

Eggs are great. Not only are they an egg-cellent source of protein, but they make for a healthy breakfast that’s a little bit fancier than just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, so they’re a good way to impressing your friends or date. Poached eggs are also the core part of many upmarket dishes, including Eggs Benedict, vegetable fritters, or Turkish eggs. Making a poached egg is not even that difficult. According to BBC Good Food’s poached egg recipe, it’s only five steps. What’s more, they only take a few minutes to make. It might be a little tricky at first, but once you’re there, you’ll be a master of one of the most highly sought after culinary skills.

How To Build A Campfire

If you didn’t take part in Boy Scouts when you were a kid, chances are, you’ve probably never learned how to build a campfire. But knowing how to build a campfire is an invaluable tool in case you break down in the middle of nowhere and find yourself stranded, or for a romantic camping trip. According to The Art of Manliness, the key steps to building a campfire are to collect several different types of wood and stack them correctly. Simple to learn, but difficult to master – you’ll want to practice this beforehand rather than relying on your theoretical knowledge when you’re in need.

How To Sew A Button

We’ve given you some suit-wearing tips in this post, and in the past we’ve shown you how to select a high-quality shirt, but what happens if that shirt gets a snag? What happens if you put on a few extra pounds and you end up popping a button? Learning how to sew a button will let you fix that shirt in a pinch and it could save you money on taking that shirt to a tailor. Watch the video above for a step-by-step.

Becoming a distinguished and sophisticated man is an ongoing process. You’ll need to not just take on these skills but practice and work hard on them too. Once you’ve mastered them, it’s off to the next challenge!

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Add A Little Geek Chic To Your Office With Retro Patents



Retro Patents - Nintendo 64 Print

If you are looking to add a little geek chic to your home office, we’ve got just the thing for you. Retro Patents takes old-school patents and turns them into pieces of art that you’d be proud to hang on your wall, whether you’re into tech, gaming, music, or design.

There are a multitude of beautiful vintage patent prints to choose from, with everything from the Apple iPhone and Blackberry to the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Gameboy, and even more ubiquitous inventions like the electronic calculator and record player.

As you can see, these patent prints are blown-up versions of the actual original filings, with a few design modifications to add the patent number, product name, creator and the date filed. Each patent has been designed and printed using HDR ink-jet technology on Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper with a basis weight of 180 gsm.

That last part might not mean much to you, but let me tell you, these prints really pop against the white background, as you can see for yourself in these photos.

Retro Patents - Nintendo Gameboy Print

Retro Patents are available in 12 x 18 inch or 24 x 36 inch prints, with prices starting at $29.99. We got one for the Guys Gab office (the Nintendo 64 patent print, naturally), and it’s the first thing people notice when they walk in. “Dude, that’s sick!”

So what are you waiting for? Order your Retro Print today and get ready to hang your favorite classic invention as beautiful contemporary art on your wall. The hardest part will be deciding which one to choose, as they’re all so cool in their own right.

Can’t decide between two Retro Prints? Who says you’ve got to choose… buy them both! 🙂

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SpaceX Is Sending A Japanese Billionaire On A Trip Around The Moon



BFR Stage Separation

A few days back, SpaceX tweeted that they had signed the world’s first private passenger to fly around the Moon aboard their BFR launch vehicle, with a cryptic Japanese flag emoji providing the only clue as to who the passenger might be.

Today, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to the stage at a press event at SpaceX’s headquarters and announced that Japanese fashion magnate Yusaku Maezawa would be the first person to make the journey around the moon. The BFR Lunar Mission will last an estimated four to five days and will take place as early as 2023.

Maezawa is the 42-year-old Japanese billionaire founder of the custom clothing online retailer ZOZO, with a reported net worth of $3.6 billion. Needless to say, he’s got the wherewithal to afford such an extravagant expenditure.

BFR Passing The Moon

“Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the moon,” Maezawa said during the press conference. “Just staring at the moon fueled my imagination; it’s always there and has continued to inspire humanity. That is why I do not pass up this opportunity to see the moon up close.”

But that’s not all. Maezawa is inviting six to eight artists from around the world to join him on this mission to the Moon. The billionaire said he will invited painters, sculptors, musicians, and architects from around the world. Upon their return all he requests is that they create a work of art using their stellar trek as inspiration.

“These artists will be asked to create something when they return to Earth,” said Maezawa. “These masterpieces will inspire the dreamer inside all of us. Needless to say, we’ve always been inspired by the Moon. Take for example, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and The Beatles’ Mr. Moonlight.”

BFR In Flight

If successful, Maezawa and the people who join him will be the first humans to travel to the Moon since the final Apollo mission in 1972. But before history is made, the BFR needs to be constructed, and they’ve got five years to do so. An ambitious time table, but Musk and team believe they can do it.

The BFR Lunar Mission is the first step in Elon Musk’s master plan, as he wants humanity “to become a multi-planet civilization as soon as possible” and that he hopes to “make people excited about the future.”

Mission accomplished Elon, 2023 can’t get here soon enough!

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