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4 Things Every Man Cave Needs



man cave

Your buddy from work has one, your neighbor down the street has one and what really sent you over the edge is that even your not-so-cool Uncle Bob just got one. And now, you want a man cave of your own.

Every dude deserves a special space all to himself; one where he can relax, watch TV, eat snacks and do anything else guys do. If you are dreaming of creating your own man cave, here are four must-haves:

1. A Recliner

Every man has to have a great place to sit in his man cave. While giant couches are fine, nothing beats a recliner. And, because this is your space, your spouse can’t complain about it not matching the decor or being ugly. Because chances are good you will nod off at least a few times while watching TV, make sure it’s as comfortable as possible, suggests ImproveNet. La-Z-Boy sells a great selection of recliners that start at just $349. Just be sure to place a small end table next to your chair for your snacks and beverages, and get ready to relax.

2. A Massive Television

In the world of man caves, a TV is a no-brainer. With your own television, you can watch your own shows whether it’s Monday Night Football, a hockey game, some fishing show or any other TV show. Of course, you also can watch all of your favorite movies and play video games on your extra large TV. A great option for any man cave is Samsung’s UHD 4K TV. This way, you will never miss even a pixel of the action.

3. A Mini Fridge

You don’t need just a mini fridge, you need a Darth Vader Refrigerator. Every man cave needs a fridge to keep beer, soda and snacks nice and chilled, but this takes something ordinary and makes it extraordinary. And, of course, if Darth Vader was roaming the Earth, he would definitely need a man cave to relax in.

Geekologie features a Darth Vader Beer Fridge that also doubles as a Vodka Fountain. Basically, it’s just some mini fridges stacked on top of each other with a Darth Vader cape and mask on top, but it’s still pretty epic. If Star Wars isn’t really your thing, you can create your own themed fridge after one of your favorite sports players or action hero.

4. A Dart Board

There will probably be times when there is nothing good on TV and you just want to hang in your man cave. A dart board can fill the void and give you and your buddies something fun to do. You can set up the ultimate dart board tournament by organizing brackets and see who the ultimate champion is. Amazon stocks a ton of them at reasonable prices, including the TG Dart Game set for just under 20 bucks.

Creating the ultimate man cave is easy. All you need is a space of your own, and then you can fill it with all of your favorite things without judgment. Enjoy.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vince

    May 25, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    Great man cave necessity list. The darth vader fridge is really awesome, especially the doubling as a vodka fountain.

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