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Bentley And Monster Debut ‘Monster By Mulliner’ Continental GT V8 S At CES




Most people would consider the Bentley Continental GT V8 S to be perfection in stock form. But there’s a select few discerning customers who demand even more, and that’s why Bentley introduced their bespoke coach-building Mulliner division.

Bentley and Monster Audio recently teamed up to create a limited production vehicle “designed to appeal to young professional athletes and musicians”, and they debuted this bad boy at CES this week. Dubbed the Monster By Mulliner, this show-stopping Bentley Continental GT V8 S sports a bold look and incredible audio performance designed by Monster.

The exterior of the “Monster By Mulliner” exudes a stunning color scheme and intricate flourishes. Its Onyx paint is highlighted with Hotspur accents, including a unique body kit and radiator shell bezel. Along with red brake calipers and a gloss black polished wheel, the black hood vents are also stylized.


Embodying the distinctive Monster color scheme of red and black within the cabin, Mulliner’s capabilities and skills are showcased by the Hotspur Continental GT V8 S Beluga hide and steering wheel color selections. Based on the Monster logo, Mulliner created a unique 3D laser-etched fascia panel designed exclusively for this vehicle, perfectly complementing the Piano Black finish. The Continental GT V8 S also features the Monster motto: “Always Lead, Never Follow” and “Monster by Mulliner” headrest embroidery.

But it wouldn’t be a Monster creation without some ear-popping audio, and they didn’t disappoint. A custom sound system with a total of 16 hand selected Monster speakers, personally tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee, deliver 3,400-watt of awe-inspiring Pure Monster Sound.

What do you think of the Monster By Mulliner Continental GT V8 S?

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