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Driving 101: Safe Driving Tips For New And Young Drivers



If you are a new driver, or know someone who is, then it is a really exciting time. The freedom that comes with being able to drive is like no other, as you can go anywhere you like. However, the statistics show that drivers under 21 years of age are the most likely age group to have car crashes, especially ones that could have been avoided. Younger drivers are also often more likely to commit offenses that can result in legal action being taken against them, such as an immediate threat license suspension. This isn’t ideal. After all, not only does it make the roads unsafe for these drivers and those surrounding them, but it can see licenses being revoked or suspended, throwing months of driving lessons and financial investment down the drain.

So it goes to show that new and young drivers really need to make sure that they’re taking the steps to drive well and drive safely, in order to keep themselves and those people around them safe and sound. Here are a few tips and tricks for making sure that you are able to drive as safe as possible, so that you can keep driving more many years to come.

  1. Be very careful as you drive, but it’s especially important to take care late at night. Young driver accidents do tend to happen in the evening, from around 6pm up until midnight. It could be that people are tired; it could be that there is reduced visibility in the darkness. Whatever the reason, there obviously is one, so taking extra care is really important.
  2. Take responsibility for the passengers riding in your car. Young drivers are likely to be driving with friends or family in the car (friends moreso than family), which can lead to greater distractions, meaning you’re more at risk of a crash. Treat your passengers as your responsibility so that it will help to focus you and keep your driving with them in mind. Plus, if you did something stupid like driving under the influence, then you’re risking their lives, as well as your own, as well as needing to find DUI lawyers to help you. So avoid anything that can put your passengers at risk. and avoid doing anything to put them at risk.
  3. On a similar note, resisting peer pressure is something that is really important. If your passengers want to get to somewhere in a hurry, don’t give into their encouragement to go faster or keep changing lanes. You shouldn’t act irresponsibly just because friends are telling you that they think you should.
  4. Don’t show off when you drive. The stats also show that more young females die when they’re in the passenger seat of a car, rather than as a driver. So if you’re trying to show off to friends or a girlfriend, the simple answer is don’t. It can be very dangerous.
  5. Maintaining some safe spacing when you drive is really key. Make sure that you are leaving room away from the car in front, as well as to the sides and from the care behind as well. Avoid traffic as much as you can, so that you will give yourself plenty more time to react to things going on around you, and make driving decisions.

Here’s hoping that you follow these tips when you’re first getting started behind the wheel, so that you can stay safe out there!

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