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iPhone Greatness Exaggerated?



I just picked up an iPhone 3Gs on Friday for CHEAP. I won’t tell you how much I paid, you’d probably be mad if you were one of those folk that ran right out and got yours day one. I must say the experience I’m having with it is not what I had envisioned.

The Jesusphone saves...

Let me start off by saying, had I gone ahead and “jailbroken”? err “jailbroked”? the device when I got it, I might be singing a different tune. I shouldn’t have to go through all that however. Coming from a WinMo6.x and then an Android1.5/2.1 phone, my main beef is that I do not have direct access to the memory storage on the iPhone. I’ve long since given up on iTunes as a media player for my computers for other reasons, so being forced to use it as THE SOLE means to add/remove apps on the iPhone makes me cringe. I’ve recently been told by an iFriend (friend with an iPhone/iPad) of other options to sync media(music,video,podcasts).

I do not like the way iTunes stores/organizes my media, so I don’t use it for playback at all. When setting up what to sync to my phone, I noticed that the options are extremely limited and are not the same across all media types. What I want is to be able to select what to sync by directory. It appears you only get that option for pictures. Again, I could be using some other program to sync media, but jumping back and forth is not the move.

What I DO like is the way you can setup your apps in iTunes the way you want them to appear on the phone screens. The other reason stayed away from the iPhone(and phones like it) so long is because there’s no physical keyboard. Having actually used it for a few hours, I can say that going forward I won’t worry too much about not having a physical keyboard anymore. In case I REALLY need to use one, I have this handy little number:

yeah it's cumbersome to carry this AND a phone, so what?

While the masses may love the jes…err iPhone (Apple sales figures as evidence), I do not. I will use this gadget until my contract runs out next March and get the new hotness, unless I get totally frustrated with some feature/service. At which point I will be selling it to the highest bidder.


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  1. CJ

    April 11, 2011 at 10:03 am

    I think if you Jailbreak your phone, you’ll find that it does everything you want it to do, and then some. But realize that the iPhone was built for the masses, and the focus was on simplicity.

    Many of my friends have Droids, and none are 100% satisfied with their phones. Especially when it comes to the UI. Some of them even made the switch to an iPhone after months of proclaiming how inferior it was (on paper).

    I think that says something about the quality of Apple’s product. I love my iPhone 4, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Apple brings us with the iPhone 5.

  2. Rahsaan

    June 8, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Jailbreaking the iPhone still hasn’t produced the feel good results I was looking for. The focus on simplicity includes a price tag and complete devotion to iTunes software. I’m really bugged that I can’t add mp3 ringtones, without file conversion or having to break out my credit card. On an Android phone it’s drag & drop simple and no conversion, that goes for ALL compatible media. Windows media filetypes didn’t play on my Backflip.

    Not sure what your friends have against the Motorola Droid but it’s probably the same issue I have with Motorola, that friggen BLUR overlay is bloated and mostly unnecessary. Motorola’s slow ass update schedule for their devices with older hardware compounds things. Multiple Motorola devices that aren’t capable of running Android 2.2 or higher have the SAME issues. Shocking.

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