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Men’s Short Hairstyles: What’s Trending Today?



It’s true. Not everybody has the hairline or the license to sport long, rock-star looks like Chris Hemsworth who played Thor in the movies. In fact, you might be thinning on the top or going to a workplace that disapproves of long hair for its male employees. Or you might just prefer to wear it shorter, without the hassle. Whatever the case, we’ve rounded up ten of the best men’s short hairstyles you could rock (that women love).

Channing T

1. The Crewcut
Best for: Thick hair

Do you have any idea how many women drool over Channing Tatum? Us neither. But he’s pretty popular with the ladies. Get his haircut: extra short sideburns, a little extra length on top that you could spike up and match with a clean shaven face.

2. The Short Undercut
Best for: Receding hairline

Receding hairline can still be sexy, and we’ve got this hairstyle to prove it. It’s extra short on the back and sides and longer on the top with hair falling naturally down. The almost-shaved sides give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair on top.

3. The Buzzcut
Best for: Thinning, dark hair

Why not? Wentworth Miller rocked it in Prison Break. This is one of the best men’s short hairstyles for those with thinning hair to almost balding. Fade the hair from top to bottom, keeping the sides extremely short.

4. The Don Draper Haircut
Best for: Early stage of receding hairline

If you’re mad about Mad Men, then get Don Draper’s hairstyle: A classic tapered haircut with a slick, and very clean side part. It’s so awesomely versatile you can wear it really slick for formal occasions and slightly tousled for casual days.

5. The Manly Shag
Best for: Thick hair

You’ll need to grow out your hair for this one; long enough so it comes down to the bottom of your ears on the sides and to the eyes in front. Find a picture of the shag haircut on a model that you prefer and take the picture with you when you go in for a cut.

6. The Sexy Undercut
Best for: Thick, thin, curly or straight hair

Get your sexy on with this haircut, which is one of the best short hairstyles for men really. Go for a close cut or even deep-shaved sides, and keep the top long. You can either slick it back or go for a subtle side part.

7. Short and Spiky
Best for: Straight, fine hair

Ask the ladies: Taylor Lautner is hot. Get his hair style: crop the sides and back close to the head and blend the top layers, giving the hair texture and height. Style with wax or molding gum, and trim it regularly to maintain the cut and style.

8. The Subtle Mohawk
Best for: Thick, straight hair

The word here is subtle, which means you don’t go off scaring old ladies in the bus with a lionfish hairstyle. Hair on the back and sides of your head should be shorter than the top. Using hair wax or mold, lift all of your hair up then flatten, leaving an inch in width of crest running from the back of your head to the hairline. Center the hair to look like a triangle and using your fingers, define the hair.

9. Short All Over
Best for: Any type of hair

Okay, it’s slightly tapered in the back and the sides too. This is easily one of the most popular men’s short hairstyles, and probably the most common. Get this style by applying wax or gel to your towel-dried hair, messing up the top and keeping the sides and back neat.

10. Curly Waves
Best for: Curly hair

Get this hairstyle by asking for a cut that works with the natural shape of your head: tight in the temples and nape and fuller in the crown area and top. The trick is in the right amount of layering; making your curls nice and wavy. You can use a grooming cream to keep your hair from frizzing especially when it’s humid.

Let’s be real: you can’t really aspire for a subtle Mohawk if you’re thinning on the top, but hey, you can totally rock the buzz cut. The trick here is to work with what you have. So go ahead and choose from any of these men’s short hairstyles, wear it with confidence and be completely irresistible to women.

This special post was written by Charlene Sampilo. Charlene is the writer of – a website about men’s health, fitness and lifestyle. You can connect with Charlene through her website’s contact form.

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