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This Guy Built A LEGO Optimus Prime That Fully Transforms




Netherlands LEGO artist Mad Physicist has created some of the wildest LEGO creations we’ve ever seen, with details and creative touches that really bring them to life. But when he showed off his Transformers Optimus Prime truck, I damn near fell out of my chair!

At first glance, I didn’t give this piece much thought, as I assumed this was just a huge truck model (and of the movie Optimus, no less). But no, this creation actually fully transforms from truck to robot. How freaking cool is that?! It truly is a “robot in disguise”, don’t you think?

The folks at LEGO needs to commission this project ASAP, as I’m sure there’d be nostalgic buyers like me lining up to purchase one!



Photo credit: Ralph S/Flickr

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