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What’s The Probability Of You Winning At The Casino?



Probability theory can be used to significantly increase your chances of winning in any sort of gambling game. But do you know what the probability is to win one of these games? Well then keep reading to see which games offer you the best odds.


Blackjack is one of the oldest, most popular games in any casino. As in poker, the probability of winning or losing in blackjack changes with each new card being revealed. Getting an ace in your starting hand increases your chances of winning the most. However, when high cards fall out in the future, this probability, on the contrary, decreases. For example, the probability that you will hit blackjack in the starting two cards is only 1.2%, and the probability of getting twenty points on the first hand is about 10.2%.

Thanks to the possibilities of using information and rational choice, this game attracts even those who are not interested in gambling. Some people will also like the game because of its similarity to solitaire since the dealer has no choice.

Slot Machines

Slot machines can be relevant both for land-based gambling halls and casinos and for online gambling platforms like

It’s rather difficult to calculate a universal indicator of the probability of winning in slots since there are thousands of different types of slot machines with different numbers of reels, lines, and winning combinations.

However, in all slots without exception, the chances of winning depend on the random number generator (RNG) and the percentage of money back to the player (RTP). In high-quality slot machines, the RTP should be at least 95%.

As for the RNG, in a slot, for example, with three reels and six lines, 216 different combos can appear on each of them. Depending on the number of winning combinations, the probability of winning in them varies in the range from hundredths of a percent to several percent.


Roulette is the most common casino game. The probability of winning differs in several versions of roulette:

  • The European variation of the game with 37 numbers on the wheel and one “zero” gives the casino an advantage of 2.7%;
  • There are two “zeros” in American roulette, which increases the house edge to 5.26%;
  • For the rest, it is quite simple to calculate the chance of winning here: when betting on one of the numbers, the probability of winning will be 1 in 37 (38).

In some cases, you can bet on colors or several numbers at once. This allows you to increase your chances of winning significantly, but the amount you win will be much less.


Even though gambling without exception is based on a random outcome, players can increase their chances of winning significantly by using several factors. Among them are learning different strategies, improving game skills, and, of course, knowledge of probability theory. With the help of the last element, you can determine your advantage over other players in advance and know for sure whether you should take the risk and continue playing.

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