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Why You Should Switch To Boxer Briefs



Making the switch to boxer briefs

There are some men out there who have yet to switch over to boxer briefs. For such individuals, the morning starts with pulling on the traditional boxers or briefs. If you are one of those men, then you are missing out on all the benefits of wearing the boxer brief – a mid-length knit that is a compromise between a brief and boxer – which is considered to be the ultimate male underwear.

It is not too late to change. Humans have the capacity to adapt new underpants. For many men, they spend their childhood and teens wearing the classic, cotton “tighty whities”. The next move is typically to a roomier boxer, and for a while the boxer brief was largely ignored. In fact, in a 1994 town hall meeting, a participant asked then-American President Bill Clinton whether he preferred “Boxers or briefs?” By then, the third option was not as popular. (For his part, Clinton replied that he was a briefs man.)

However, the boxer brief offers men the best of both worlds in consideration of the cut’s functional superiority. The main advantages of wearing boxer briefs, like for example VKNagrani’s designer boxer briefs, are because they offer the wearer with the following:

  • Support: This is the most obvious, but often not mentioned, flaw with the conventional boxers. The lack of cuppage makes the garment virtually useless for athletic events and can even be a hindrance. When worn under soccer shorts, boxers tend to create the “tunnel” effect that exposes an individual’s privates to the world outside. Boxer briefs help keep everything in place and out of the line of sight.
  • Containing: The traditional boxer fly slit encourages a phenomenon called, for lack of a better term, “flop-out.” While some remodeled boxer shorts try to rectify this using a button closure, the last thing you care about dealing with is a button when you’re in the men’s room. Boxer briefs adopt the much more effective, user-friendly Y-front of briefs.
  • Stability: The conventional boxer does not sit still. It is always riding up the waistband of your pants or slipping down. The loose fabric has a tendency to bunch, twist and wedge. You also need to do several realignments before you can really be comfortable in the boxer. The boxer brief takes on the stability of the brief by holding on tightly to your body without riding up or down your waist.
  • Aesthetics: While it offers the fit, support and comfort of a brief, the boxer brief features full-cut thigh ends, much like those of the traditional boxer. That thigh has a function – it is snug and the ribbed cuff helps hold the garment in place. This prevents the boxer brief from riding up.

Other Under-Garments For Men On The Market

While most men prefer the boxer brief, there are other options available out there. Some enjoy the security and comfort of briefs, others prefer the freedom offered by boxers and many prefer boxer briefs for offering a perfect mix. Still there are others who will put on a thong or G-string. Below are the different configurations available on the market:

  • Briefs: They are easily identified by the elastic waistband as well as minimal coverage. They have a Y-shape fly in the front with ample fabric for coverage from the waist to the top of the thigh while covering the back end completely. Briefs give excellent support with lesser risk of rising and bunching. The boxer is great for individuals wearing tight pants or low-rise pants. They are also great for the man who has to sit at a desk all day.
  • Boxer: The boxer short is more popular with teenagers and younger men their twenties. They are comfortable and loose, and offer no support. Like other types of shorts, they are available in varying lengths of between seven to 19 inches with a front fly. They cover most of the thigh region and have straight cut leg openings.

There are men who prefer the look and feel of a thong, bikini or G-string. Ordinarily, these options work best for well sculpted men.

  • Bikini: It is similar to a brief, but smaller. The other name for it is micro brief. It exposes the entire length of the thigh while managing to cover up the back end.
  • Thong: Thongs look like the bikini, only much smaller. They have less coverage overall, higher leg openings, and offer a less obvious line under tight clothing.
  • G-string: The smallest of the three styles that has a string securing a small pocket of fabric in front only. It leaves the entire back side and thigh exposed. G-strings are usually made of nylon or spandex and are more expensive compared to other styles due to the materials.

Much like swimwear, underwear is a major menswear sector. The billion dollar industry has a style for everyone.

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