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Shaving Supplies

Some men just seem to have everything. If they don’t, they usually buy it before you even know they want it! When it comes to buying them a gift, it’s difficult to figure out something that will “knock their socks off.” It’s wise to keep in mind that men appreciate ornate, beautiful things as much as anyone, and they like to be surprised.

When you try to think of something unique to men, facial hair comes to mind; therefore, a gift related to shaving can’t go wrong. Instead of settling on mundane razors and creams available at any big box store, search for something special. In addition to the usual razors, look for shaving brushes, special shaving creams and after-shave lotions.

Just as you can’t go wrong choosing jewelry for any woman, choosing a high quality specialty gift for a man is sure to bring delight. Shaving brushes crafted with fine details and using premium badger hair will stand the test of time. Brushes comprised of badger bristles will produce luxurious lather for superior shaving results. The rich lather will help to lift and separate the beard hairs for optimum shaving. The bristles also help make sure sufficient water is on the skin for lubrication. Moisture reduces friction between the razor and skin for a smooth shave. The handle on the shaving brush should be made to comfortably fit a man’s hand and a classically designed handle adds eye pleasing value. A handle that stands the brush upright for drying on its own is another feature that keeps the brush ready for the next shave and well maintained for years of use.

The Art of Shaving is one place where you can find handcrafted brushes that pass along the perfect message to your favorite guy. And accessories to enrich the shaving experience will complement the gift.

Birthdays and holidays aren’t the only gift giving occasions. For a young man who has reached the milestone of a first shave, a gift basket loaded with shaving products plus a quality brush will commemorate the day. Additional events that warrant a special gift include graduations, new babies and retirement.

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