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The QLOCKTWO W Watch by Biegert & Funk



German design agency Biegert & Funk is set to release a watch like no other, one that tells the time in words. Introducing the QLOCKTWO W.

Based on their popular QLOCKTWO wall clocks, the QLOCKTWO W features a square face measuring 35 x 35 mm that contains a grid of 110 letters. Press the button on the right hand side of the watch and the relevant letters will light up to reveal the time in readable text.

Additional presses of the button will reveal the calendar day, and then the seconds.

The company will offer the watch in English, German, and French versions, and the watches are expected to retail for €550 (approx. US$704) each.

The product was supposed to launch in “autumn 2012”, but obviously we’re a little past that. Here’s hoping they come out in time for Christmas!

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  1. Francesco

    November 26, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Neat, but for $704, it’s more of an investment.

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Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Editions Pay Tribute To The Original Classics



If you are in the market for some wrist candy that is both classic and timeless, you have got to check out the Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Editions. Released to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Seamaster, these watches pay tribute to Omega’s original post-war classics.

A little backstory: Between 1940 and 1945, Omega delivered more than 110,000 timepieces to the British Ministry of Defense, all highly valued by British airmen and sailors for their water-resistance and reliability in combat. After the war, there was demand for a civilian version of the watch. This led to the creation of Omega’s first family of watches in 1948, the Seamaster.

The Seamaster has since become one of the cornerstones of Omega, known for their precision, water-resistance and reliability.

Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Edition Central Second

In celebration of the Seamaster’s 70th anniversary, the brand has released two new watches that are clearly inspired by the two 1948 inaugural Seamaster models, with a slight touch of modernity added. “We do not have the same movement from the original 1948 because it would be too complicated,” said Jean-Claude Monachon, vice president at Omega.

Two models are available, one with a central seconds hand, one with a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock and each limited to 1,948 pieces. Other updates from the original include a larger diameter (expanding it from 34mm to 38mm), and water resistance of up to 200 feet.

A stainless steel case, polished bezel, opaline white domed dial and polished crown, embossed with vintage Omega logo are common to both models. The watches are presented in their own special collector’s box made of soft brown leather and are delivered with a spare NATO strap, along with a strap changing tool.

Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Edition Small Second

There’s no doubt about it, the Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Editions deliver the quality and craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from the company, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful and historical watch anywhere.

It’s perfect for gift giving. To yourself of course.

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5 Tips On Matching Watches With Style



Every man has his own style, and finding a men’s watch to fit your style can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Don’t get caught wearing something tacky! Instead, follow these expert tips, and you should be good to go.

Choose the Right Watch Size for Your Wrist

Not every man has the same size wrist, so every man will need a differently sized watch to accommodate them. The key to looking stylish with a new watch and not looking like a kid wearing a watch from the cereal box is to find one that perfectly fits you. Measure your wrist circumference and keep it in mind as you start to shop for men’s watches.

If you’re a little bit on the “large and in charge” side of the spectrum, take a look at these big face watches made from and worn by bodybuilding legends.

Quartz Movement vs. Automatic: Which is Better?

Behind all of the shiny parts on the outside of the watch is the heart of the machine that keeps track of time. You want something that is as reliable as the morning sun without much fuss. There are two primary choices here: quartz or automatic.

Quartz movement watches are fairly reliable but require batteries and the second hand often goes in a tick-tock kind of motion. Automatic watches on the other hand, well, automatically keep track of time! No batteries, only powered by the motion of your wrist. Although if you store the watch for a couple of days, time will catch up and you’ll need to “wind” it up again.

Strap Up

The strap is what keeps time by your side at all times, and it is also one of the ways you can truly express your style. Metal link watches are more versatile for everyday use and hold up well, leather bands look great it a suit, and the NATO, canvas style is more casual and utilitarian. Determine the style you’re going for and strap up accordingly.

Consider Face and Case Size

Some watches have super big faces while others are nestled in a metal case. It all comes down to preference, but traditionally watches with a wider face are for formal events while watches with bulky metal cases are more for everyday wear. You can bend the rules, however—it is your style after all. Think about this when choosing a watch especially if you intend to wear it while you’re at the gym or working on cars and such. You’ll want something tough that can hold up to use and abuse.

Simple or Technical?

What do you want out of your watch? Some people prefer the cleaner aesthetic of a big face watch with only hands with no numbers or bulky crowns and dials. Some people on the other hand like their watches to tell them the time, the temperature, and jokes if it can. It’s all your preference and what you consider most important in a watch.

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The Skagen Jorn Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch




Skagen Jorn Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

Last fall, Fossil subsidiary Skagen introduced their Hagen Connected Hybrid smartwatches, which combined innovative technology with classic design. Features included automatic time and date adjustment, activity and goal tracking, sleep tracking, email and text notifications, dual-time function and SKAGEN LINK technology.

The smartwatch was well-received, appealing to people who looking to upgrade from their “dumb” watch but weren’t quite ready to make the full leap to an Apple Watch. Now, Skagen is building on that success with a brand-new hybrid connected watch that is slimmer and smarter, with a few tweaks that refine the experience.

The Skagen Jorn Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch is decidedly less busy looking than the watch it replaces. Styling is simple and clean, with a 41mm stainless steel case and a 22mm brown leather strap, and no extra dials or hands. The initial impression is elegance, pure and simple. The crisp font and thin markers are up to quality for Skagen standards.

Skagen Jorn Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

You’re able to pair the watch with your iPhone or Android device over low-energy Bluetooth, and it is a really quick and easy process. Once connected, you can use the free Skagen app to customize which notifications and alerts you want to receive, monitor your activity and sleep, keep track of personalized goals, and more.

The three large plungers on the right side of the body can be customized to control a variety of functions such as displaying your step count, snapping a photo, locating your phone (via audio chirp), controling your music, and more. Since everyone has different needs, it’s great that you’re able to select the features that are most important to you and assign them to the buttons of your choice.

For me, there are many times in the office where I will leave my phone at my desk, and it’s nice being able to track my steps with the watch, while leaving behind any distracting text messages or email impulses.

Skagen Jorn Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

Unlike other smartwatches, the Jorn Connected Hybrid uses a standard watch battery, which is rated for 4-6 months and can be replaced by yourself. To me, this is a great solution that offers long life without needing to carry around yet another charging cable.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Skagen Jorn Connected Hybrid Smartwatch, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to dip their toe in the smartwatch waters. The watch retails for $175 and is available everywhere Skagen products are sold.

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