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Dynamiq’s New 160-Foot Superyacht Looks To Reinvent The Class



Dynamiq GTT 160 Superyacht

Photo: Dynamiq Yachts

If you are in the market for a yacht, you want something that’s not too big where it becomes a burden to maintain, and not to small where you’re tripping over one another. 160-foot yachts tend to hit that sweet spot, and that’s why you see a number of ships in this class.

So when Monaco-based shipyard Dynamiq Yachts decided to take a step away from designing superyachts with the Bentleys and Porsches of the world and enter this crowded space, they knew they’d have to do something different to stand out.

And they’ve most certainly done that with their Dynamiq GTT 160 Superyacht, which starts at €19.9 million (roughly $21.2 million).

Dynamiq GTT 160 Superyacht

Photo: Dynamiq Yachts

“In terms of naval architecture, we selected a slender hull with a long waterline that is much more efficient and comfortable than a short, wide one. So rather than maximizing the interior volume, we analyzed everything an owner wants or needs in terms of general arrangement and features. We then arrived at a concept that provides the motion comfort of a 55-meter yacht with a conventional flared bow,” says Sergei Dobroserdov, Dynamiq founder and CEO.

This avant-garde 49-meter superyacht is based on a Fast Displacement Hull Form engineered in the Netherlands by Van Oossanen. Deliverable in just two years, with elegant yet sporty exterior styling, she packs a punch in terms of performance, aesthetics and onboard features.

The combination of aluminum and Sealium alloys for the construction ensures a light, robust and easy to maintain vessel. When paired with a Hull Vane foil for maximum stability and efficiency, the GTT 160 boasts a top speed of 17 knots and transatlantic range. Buyers who want to go faster can opt for the “S” variant, which has a top speed of 23 knots.

Dynamiq GTT 160 Superyacht

Photo: Dynamiq Yachts

Onboard features include six luxurious guest cabins, two open-air balconies on either side in the master stateroom, a full galley with breakfast bar, a movie lounge with a 75″ screen and a bar. The aft main deck replicates a beach club with a 12-person hot tub, spa, and gym. Enjoy whisper-quiet propulsion, a touch-and-go helipad, and optional Bentley Home interior design.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What can we bring to market that makes more sense for our clients?’” says Dobroserdov. “The answer was to focus on modern owners’ priorities and leave the less important things aside. So we decided to design the GTT 160 with the accent on the key factors: well-being, efficiency and price.”

The sharply styled GTT 160 brings together avant-garde styling, aluminum construction and an entertainment complex worth of amenities, in a vessel designed to be manageable enough for holiday sea crowds and robust enough for cross-ocean voyages.

Dynamiq GTT 160 Superyacht

Photo: Dynamiq Yachts

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