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What Are You Drinking This Memorial Day Weekend?



The other day, the FedEx guy dropped off a curious package containing a lemon-shaped beer cooler. Inside that cooler were a bunch of cans of Amstel Radler. Of course, we immediately stopped what we were doing to do an impromptu “taste test”, and the results were rather surprising.

Amstel Radler

Having never had a Radler before, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. As it turns out, this stuff is delicious, and we had no idea what we were missing! It’s got a light lemon-sweet flavor with some mild beer bitterness, and it goes down crisp and refreshingly smooth. So just what is this magic elixir?

Amstel Radler is a mix of 40% Amstel Lager with 60% natural lemon juice and other natural ingredients, and it’s 100% refreshing. So if you’re having a summer beach party or backyard gathering, pick up some Amstel Radler and prepare to dazzle your guests tastebuds.

Inspired by the long-standing European tradition of combining beer and lemon juice, Amstel Radler stands apart from domestic shandy style offerings. “The shandy style segment has really taken off in the U.S. in recent years. Amstel Radler elevates this popular style to a new level with natural ingredients and high quality Amstel beer from a renowned and respected brewer. In Europe, Radler beers have launched successfully in several markets over the last few years, and we’re excited to introduce U.S. consumers to the premium taste of Amstel Radler,” said Frederique Asberg, Sr. Director Innovation at HEINEKEN USA.

Amstel Radler is currently available in select markets until August, and they can be purchased in your choice of 12 oz. bottles in 6-pack or 12 oz. cans in 12-pack.