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What Women Are Truly Looking For In A Guy



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Well isn’t this just the million dollar question. One minute you might feel like you’ve got it all figured out, and the next minute they hit you with a curveball that you just weren’t expecting. Women have evolved to keep us on our toes, and we don’t think there will ever come a time where men truly understand them. Because what might work for one women, might not work for the next, and then you’ve got a whole new situation on your hands that you’ve got to try and understand. So it might take a lifetime for you to finally understand what it takes to keep a woman happy, and that lifetime of knowledge starts today.

We’ve got some great tips on what a woman is at least looking for in a guy. After that, it’s up to you to figure out what it is they want from you when you’re with them. Because half of the problem men seem to be having at the minute is actually getting a woman to like them in the first place. So we’re going to walk you through what women really want so you can hopefully improve your love life in the future!

Your Life Figured Out

We want to start with the one that we don’t think men realize, and we feel like it’s something that men just don’t have at the minute. It should be so important for you to have your life figured out, and for you to have some sort of plan that you’re able to follow. But you shouldn’t be doing this necessarily to please a woman, you should be doing it to make sure that you live a good life. So many people are floating around at the minute, not at the stage they should be in life. Perhaps in a dead end career that they don’t like, living with parents still, or still having immature habits. All of these are never going to attract the right girl for you. The right girl for you is someone who is ready to settle, and ready to help you with life as well. If you have goals and ambitions that you’re actively searching for, it’s so attractive for a woman to see, rather than someone who seems to be sitting down all of the time. It would be ideal if you could find someone who was on your wavelength, and with the same sorts of goals as you. It becomes so much easier to tackle life together!

The Winning Charm

If you don’t have the charm, then we feel like you’re never going to truly be a hit with the ladies. Women love someone who can talk for days about conversations that are actually interesting, whilst subtly throwing in a few compliments here and there. That’s literally all it takes. You don’t have to be someone who is constantly complimenting them, making witty comments, or overdoing it with how nice you’re being with them. Simply being a normal gentleman is all that’s needed, and we really don’t think this is hard to achieve. But we do feel like a lot of this comes with confidence, which is what we know a lot of men don’t have. For one reason or another, once you’ve been knocked down a few times in relationships, it’s hard to get back up. So all you have to do, is think that whatever will be, will be. As long as you’re being yourself, being respectful, and having that winning charm, the right women will come to you. The more relaxed you can be around them, even if it means you’re forcing yourself a little bit, the more success you’re going to have. The more experience you have with dating women, the easier it will get over time!

Self Care Is Essential

Women love a man who is groomed, and we know this is becoming something that’s more popular for men to focus on. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that we’re now more vain than women in some ways. But still, it’s not all about the fresh trim and being in the gym, there’s far more to it than that. You need to be mastering the basics of self care so that you keep yourself in pristine condition. So the first thing that you should think about, is a simple morning routine to help your face look fresh. Some men like to start the day with a shower, and this is definitely advised. It clears away all of the grime, gets you as fresh as you could possibly be, and helps to keep you energized at the start of the day. You should always start by using a dedicated mens face wash, because they’re usually designed to keep a mans face bright and energized, which is something you don’t often see. Then, you can use some men face cream if you wish, just to keep the skin subtle. If you feel like you need to see this in more detail, having a read of this The Ultimate Men’s Skin Care Guide will help you! You should also think about styling your hair, and the clothes that you wear. A good hair cut, and some smart looking clothes is really attractive to a woman, much better than someone who is wearing joggers all of the time, and not really making much of an effort.

Loyalty & Love

Now this is the final no brainer, yet we know that so many men struggle with this one. Loyalty is something you definitely need to uphold, and if you feel like you can’t be loyal to someone, then you don’t need to be in a relationship with them. Love is also simple and easy to provide. All you need to do is take care of them, take an interest in their life, and actually help them with things. Don’t be that guy that expects them to make dinner every night, be the one that makes them dinner to come home to. Simple little acts like this is all you need to do!

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