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5 Fun Topics You Can Talk About With Women On Dates



Have you ever been out on a date with a woman and didn’t know what to say to her to keep the conversation going? Did you have that feeling of awkwardness when you realized you ran out of things to say? I know that has happened to me countless of times in the past. I used to go out on dates with women and have a good conversation for 5 minutes, then run out of things to say.

Today, I’m sharing with you 5 fun and engaging conversation topics that you can use to get a woman attracted to you. These 5 conversation topics will make it easier for you to keep the conversation going with a woman:

1. Childhood memories – Talking about your experiences as a kid creates a special conversation with a woman. Not only do you build a connection with her, but she will naturally share her childhood experiences as well. It will help her open up to you emotionally. If the woman you are talking to is around your same age, then you can talk to her about old TV shows you use to watch, old music you use to listen to, silly fads you use to do as a kid.

2. Your passions – If you struggle finding things to say in a conversation with a woman, then just start telling her about stuff you are passionate about. It will be easy to keep the conversation going because you can talk for days about things that you are passionate about. You will engage her with your energy, but don’t forget to ask her about the stuff she is passionate as well.

3. Find about her hopes and dreams – I have never met a woman who wasn’t excited to talk about her hopes and dreams. Find out what is her ultimate goal in life and ask her why she wants to accomplish that. She will light up and feel connected to you when she tells you about her dreams.

4. Travel – Women love to talk about the places they have been to, or the places they want to go to. If you really want to open her up and make her feel like she’s having a great conversation, then get her talking about places she wants to go to, or been to.

5. Current events – You can talk to her about popular news that is going on in the world. For example any celebrity gossip, or scandals, but makes sure you don’t rely on it too much because you don’t want to come across as one of her girlfriends.

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