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Don’t Set Yourselves Up For Failure On Your Date



Young couple on a date

First dates tend to be awkward. And if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time, your nerves may be on overdrive. While nobody expects perfection on a first date, you should aim to make a good first impression.

There are several ways to make a good first impression. You might make reservations at a nice restaurant, pay for her meal, and perhaps bring her flowers. But despite your best efforts in these areas, other things can turn off your date.

Don’t want to set yourself up for failure on the first date? Here are four ways to ensure a second date.

1. Take a shower. If your date isn’t until the evening hours, and you’ve been out and about all day, take a quick shower before you head to her house. Without freshening up for the date, your date may detect a stale or musty odor, which can be a major turn off. What’s more, don’t forget to brush your teeth and use mouthwash before your date. If not, the scent of your breakfast and lunch may linger on your breath.

2. Give yourself a shave. Some girls go for a scruffy, unshaven look. But until you learn this particular girl’s preference, it’s best to trim your facial hair. You don’t have to shave off your beard or mustache, but keep it neat. Keep a can of shaving cream in your bathroom, and you’re always prepared for a quick trim.

3. Too casual. You want to dress appropriate for your date. If you’re going to an amusement park or the beach, business attire is a stretch. But at the same time, you don’t want to dress too casual. Maybe you’re going to a restaurant, the movies or a museum. In these cases, flip-flops, an old t-shirt or tacky sweatpants can give the impression that you’re not interested in the night. And if your date dresses nicely, she might feel awkward the entire night. You don’t have to pull out the three-piece suit, but you might consider a nice pair of jeans or slacks, a polo shirt and clean shoes.

4. Late arrivals. Many things can go wrong when preparing for a date. You might leave work a little late, lose directions to her house or get stuck in traffic. This is understandable. But if you’re running late, call and notify your date. Being five or ten minutes late isn’t a huge deal. But if you’re going to arrive 30 minutes or more late, be considerate.

With a first date, you want the night to start off right. This sets the tone for the rest of the night, plus it opens the door to future dates. While you can’t always keep nervousness at bay, you can take steps to ensure other areas of your date go well.

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