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Heat Win Again: LeBron Remains King



Lebron James

What makes this country so great is that we have the freedom to express whatever we’d like about whomever we don’t like. Fortunately for you readers, I will keep this PG. The Miami Heat have won back to back NBA Championships and have been to the Finals for three consecutive years. This was the best 7 game series that I have ever witnessed in professional basketball, with both teams leaving it all on the line. They both played exceptional at times, and they both played terrible turnover ridden basketball (I’m talking to you Manu). I’m disappointed that the Spurs didn’t win the title, but I am not in mourning. I just finished my first week at GuysGab, and it has been an incredible experience thus far. My first week though started and ended with the same topic. LeBron James.

James was undoubtedly the best player this series and the best player in the NBA. I struggle to grasp that because, well, I’m a hater. I didn’t want to see LeBron hoist the trophy over his head. Luckily, I don’t have too. Technology is fascinating these days where I can just change the channel and watch rerun’s of Chopped or pop Jaws into my DVD player for the 100th time. But enough about me, I want to pay a little respect to the man I love to watch lose. James owned the playoffs once again and couldn’t miss during Game 7. Lebron dropped 37 points and had 12 rebounds. Okay I paid my respect. That’s it.

Now let me say some things that irritated me about Game 7 of the NBA Finals. I was watching the game with friends, enjoying a few adult beverages and generally enjoying watching basketball. I wished that I was there in Miami. What I felt like when watching the game was that nobody really cared about the Heat winning, they just cared about the idea of saying that their team won the championship. They walked out with 28 seconds left in Game 6, assuming that the Heat lost the game!

Take a peak at Jimmy Kimmel’s lie witness news coverage of Miami Heat fans, its truly pathetic.

Pretty soon, you’ll see these bandwagon fans walking around town in their Heat championship gear:
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Another frustrating aspect of this game was the play of Manu. Was he trying to lose? I figured he put a few million on the game and his winnings should be wired to the Cayman Islands by Monday morning. He was dreadful and was one of the key players for the Miami Heat’s championship.

In conclusion though, let me just congratulate the Miami Heat on their victory. They were the better team and played a hell of a series and they can now enjoy themselves and celebrate. Until next year.

My reaction when the clock reached zero..

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