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How To Get Through The Holidays Without Breaking Your Spirit (Or The Scale)



Now that we got through the healthy holiday of Thanksgiving, it’s time to look forward to the remainder of the holiday season. Every year I get to this point and ask myself, “How am I going to get to January 2nd and not be a huge, fat mess?!”

Here are some pointers:

  • Make good choices when you can! Sure when you go to a party and there are tons of fun stuff to eat you are going to indulge, but during the day at work you have SOME control over your choices. Pack some healthy lunches that week. Turkey, low-fat yogurt, veggies, chicken etc. Think in terms of your weekly intake of calories, and if you know you are going to dip into excess on the weekend, make your week a little more controlled!
  • Never go to a party hungry! This tip has saved me from going crazy when I get to a party. Before I go, I always have a big apple or a salad with tons of veggies and Balsamic Vinegar and oil. That way when I get to the party I’m not ready to ravage everything that is put in front of me, and I make better choices.
  • Graze at the Party! Often when I get to the party I look for the veggie platter and when I’m chatting with friends I stand by that, not the pigs in blankets! This way when I’m mindless snacking, its good intake, not bad!
  • Don’t turn down homemade Pecan Pie. This is my cardinal rule when it comes to food. I never turn down something that’s homemade and awesome! I do however walk by boxed cookies, cheap sugar cookies made from a premade log, etc. If you’re going to eat junk, make it high quality “made with love” junk. Not crap picked off the shelf!
  • Get some extra fiber. Fiber is a great way to feel full without extra calories, plus it has digestive benefits too! There are many fiber choices including some great fiber bars and even a cup of yummy cereal, which dry or with lowfat milk also make a great dessert! (Start reading the labels)
  • Drink a consistent amount of fluids. Don’t go crazy, but up your fluid intake a little. Your body definitely fools you into thinking you’re hungry when all you needed was 8oz of water. Consider getting some sugar free flavorings if you can’t bear to just drink water all afternoon. Green and Black teas are also a great way to get your fluids, and some studies have shown these can actually boost your metablolism!
  • Get Active. Do I sound like a broken record? Weight control is simple, it’s physics. Calories in vs. Calories out! So get moving! At least a half hour a day of elevated heart rate. Brisk walk, jog, up and down the steps in your office building. A workout video! Something!!!

Let’s get our “holiday” on!!!



  1. CJ

    November 29, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Men’s Health actually just put out a piece that has some additional tips, thought you might be interested in checking it out:

    • Rich Lavene

      November 30, 2011 at 9:36 am

      Hey CJ,

      I read the article, it’s pretty gimmicky, I can’t imagine me eating with smaller utensils, chopsticks or my opposite hand. That being said, the overall message of slow down makes sense. Might keep you from refilling your plate!

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