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Review: Griffin WoodTones Earbuds



Finding a set of earbuds can be a daunting experience. A quick Internet search will present you with thousands of choices. We decided that we wanted to check out a set of buds that was unique and eco-friendly, so we turned to the WoodTones by Griffin. These buds are made from reclaimed wood instead of plastic so they are better for the environment  plus they have a unique look.

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The box is a simple affair, with a cardboard outer shell and a thin plastic shelf holding everything together on the inside. The box contains the headphones, two extra sets of ear pieces in different sizes, a carrying bag, and a small informational sheet about the warranty.

The WoodTones are available in three types of wood, Sapele, Beech or Ebony like our pair. For $30, it is really hard to fault the WoodTones. We really dig the wood style, and while they are far from the best sounding headphones we have ever used, they sound better than most earbuds  in this price bracket (looking at you SkullCandy Ink’d). Griffin claim that by using wood, they actually enhance the tone. We did think the music sounded very warm on our iPhone, especially compared to the awful Apple earbuds, but it is hard to tell if this because of the wood or the powerful rare-earth magnets used by Griffin.

Overall our impression is emphatically positive, and we would heartily recommend them to anyone looking for new set of buds. They are cheap, environmentally friendly  and they come with a cool linen carrying case. For just $30, you end up with a unique look and decent sound quality.

Bravo, Griffin.

Full Disclosure: The earbuds tested were graciously provided by Griffin Technology.

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