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2013 Is Looking Real Bright For Gamers



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After a great year for video games, it’s hard to imagine that 2013 could possibly top even the most popular titles released in 2012.

So far, games released in 2013 have more than surpassed the popularity of previous ones. The graphics are better, the story arcs are captivating and dramatic, characters have high appeal across several demographics, and user interfaces are cleaner and easier to use. If you’re a new gamer, you may not know where to start. It usually takes careful consideration choosing a game system, gaming accessories, and visually appealing games.

If you’ve already chosen a game system, and don’t really know which games to buy, Games Radar has come up with a list of the most popular games that won’t disappoint new gamers, or even the most experienced ones.

Injustice (Gods Among Us)
If superheroes are your thing, Injustice may just be for you. Considered one of the most accessible fighting games in recent years, Injustice is finely tuned to appeal to hardcore fighting game fans.

What makes this game so popular is the variety of DC characters available to players, both online and offline. Most gamers will agree that fighting games usually lack a good, solid story line. This is not the case with Injustice. Gripping and exciting, Injustice definitely is up to par with it’s DC game counterparts.

If adventure games catch your eye, perhaps Guacamelee could pique your interest. Guacamelee tells the story of Juan Aguacate, a man who finds a magical luchador mask with the ability to travel between worlds. His quest is to combat the forces of evil in order to save El Presidente’s daughter from the evil Carlos Calaca.

Praised for it’s smart presentation, combat abilities and smart platforming, Guacamelee has been dubbed one of the best video games in 2013.

Tomb Raider
You may have seen Lara Croft in the silver screen (or perhaps in early game systems), but for 2013, the saga of Lady Croft has received one hell of a revamp. Instead of continuing Lara’s storyline from previous games (released years ago), Croft begins the game stripped from her essentials in order to make her character human and much more relatable. New characterization, appealing graphics and advanced combat settings make Tomb Raider one of the hottest games of 2013.

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Known for its strategy-based game play, Fire Emblem: Awakening has brought back its old school difficulty and revamped it for 2013. The game has been favorited by gamers everywhere because of its continuous battles, clever writing and smart characterization, proving that an old Nintendo franchise can still adapt to modern audiences.

Devil May Cry
This year has seen its share of reboots, most of which have proven that game programmers can indeed resurrect old storylines and characters and give them fresh, new life. This is the case for the popular classic, Devil May Cry.

DMC has pretty much everything you’re looking for in a video game: new enemies, combo-based game play, visually rich environments and a relatable protagonist.

Buying games could be a bit overwhelming for a new gamer, but proper research can help you identify the right game for you. Websites such as Gamefly and Redbox (yes, they also rent out games) allows new gamers to take games out for a test spin, thus helping them identify their interests. So try out a few of these games, you won’t be disappointed!

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