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Budweiser Released A Candle That Smells Just Like A Backyard BBQ



Homesick x Budweiser Backyard BBQ candle

Load up another plate of barbecue, grab a Budweiser from the cooler, and kick back with your friends as you relax by the pool after a hard week at work. Sounds amazing, right? Now what if I told you there was a candle out there that could capture this exact moment in time?

Introducing the new Homesick x Budweiser Backyard BBQ candle, a limited-edition ode to your favorite summer pastime. Backyard BBQ celebrates that perfect American pairing – food straight from the grill, and an ice-cold Bud with friends.

The result is a musky scent with notes of allspice, barley, and smoke that immediately brings you back to a celebration with friends, burgers and hot dogs on the grill, and of course, some Budweiser straight from the cooler as afternoon turns to dusk. Summer never smelled so good.

Homesick x Budweiser Backyard BBQ candle

“We love capturing the moments that matter most through scent, so we had a blast working with Budweiser on this collaboration. So many of our favorite summer memories involve BBQ and Bud, meaning we had a ton of personal experience to draw on creating these candles. We hope the fans love them as much as we do,” said Lauren Lamagna, GM at Homesick.

Homesick x Budweiser Backyard BBQ candle is available at Homesick for $34. And for another $15, customers can print a personalized message on the candle’s jar to share special summer memories with friends and family all year long.

While it’s not exactly cheap, it’s a fun little way to remind you of those glorious summer days basking in the sun when you’re freezing your ass off in the middle of December.

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